Almost the Brady Bunch …

Bottom row (L-R) Annaliese & Ella, Middle is Gabby, Top (L-R) Isaac & Liam

 Baby G these are your brothers and sisters!

Savour this photo because it is almost impossible to get the 5 of them in the same place, same time, all looking at the camera and all smiling. I took this photo this morning and it was like a Simpsons episode gone wrong, they thrive on drama your brothers & sisters! One thing is for sure though, I think they are all excited the countdown is on and they will get to meet you in a few months time.

So I asked them all to guess what you are? boy or girl?

  • Gabby – Girl
  • Liam – Boy
  • Isaac – Boy
  • Annaliese – Boy
  • Ella – Boy

It is quite possible that you will be spoilt rotten by these 5 so let’s see how quickly you can wrap them all around your little fingers.

I am a little sorry to say you will not be born into a quiet & peaceful house! Our house is noisy, busy & unpredictable but it is full of love. Luckily we live in the bush on a 3/4 acre block and the neighbours can’t hear me screaming.
P.S Can you please keep the jumping on my cervix to a minimum?!?!


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    I’m so enjoying these letters to Baby G! With a mum with such a great sense of humour, this baby is set up for sure. Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to Aussie Mummy Bloggers.

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