Baby G this will be your bed …

Today I took your big sister Annaliese to her tutoring lesson in Rockingham & afterwards we made a quick detour to Fremantle to pick up your Kanoe. Your Dad and I are hoping that the constant gentle swaying and rocking motion allows you to sleep a lot more than most newborn babies do. Maybe this is wishful thinking on our part but it is much prettier than a normal cot anyways.Your sisters think it’s pretty cool that you will be hanging from the roof! I managed to find a second hand one for $200, it’s in perfect condition and I cannot wait to see you in it (fast asleep of course not screaming your lungs out). 


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    That looks pretty cool Sarah! Will be interested to see how you find it after baby G arrives. Not that I need to know of course, given that I won’t be having any more babies (sniff sniff). Just curious 🙂

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