Gender Dilemma

Baby G believe it or not the contents of this mere tattered envelope reveal if your a BOY or a GIRL

When we first found out we were pregnant back in August, both your daddy & I decided to keep your gender a surprise, but as the weeks went by I slowly started to change my mind. In those early first few months I had so much worry and doubt that you would ever even make it this far that & the all day morning sickness didn’t help things much either.

I hit rock bottom after our trip to India, it was supposed to be our dream holiday and in some ways it was but it ended rather badly with me contracting Giardia and ending up in hospital on an IV for 3 days. So that was the deciding point for me! I needed something to cheer me up and what better way than to find out if you were a little boy or little girl. Your dad was still determined he wanted to keep you a surprise and well once he’s made his mind up there is just no changing it (not entirely true! I do have some persuasive techniques).

The day of your 19 week scan arrived! Most importantly we discovered that you were one healthy baby but i asked the ultrasound technician to write the gender down on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. Gabby, Liam and Annaliese came along to this scan too and thought it was fantastic seeing you up there on the screen, although I think the 3D images freaked them out a little.

Firstly, for me it is just as much of a special surprise finding out at almost 20 weeks then it is at 40 weeks. Liam & Annaliese were both surprises and it was beautiful, it is the best surprise you will ever have in life I think. Gabby we knew at 16 weeks she was a girl and that was an amazing experience as well. But your Dad well he has never had a surprise! He knew with both Isaac and Ella the genders and both were c-sections, so he kind of had that all taken away from him. So i completely understand why he wants to keep you special and sacred.

OK Baby G so did I open it or not?!?!

Well the first pic probably gives that away … of course I did!

I opened it a few hours after we all got home from your scan. I was alone, outside in our garden and it was a truly surreal moment, I will never forget it. I cried when i read the contents of that envelope and have been on cloud 9 ever since.

On the back of this note says ….

Yup I do have to keep you a secret but it’s really not that hard. Your dad does try his hardest at times to make me slip up but I am on to him, that’s for sure. I cannot wait to see the surprise & smile on his face when you are born. Now that i know, I can watch for his reaction and get to see the joy in his eyes when he finds out.

P.S I am hoping that ‘98% sure’ is set in stone because i have bought some beautiful little gender specific items. If not then you will be one little ‘confused’ baby for the first year of your life.

P.P.S Brad if your reading this, the text colour is green because it is gender neutral and I always mention ‘boy’ before ‘girl’ due to alphabetical order 🙂


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    Hi there! Thanks for adding me on twitter and for coming by my blog. We decided not to find out the sex of our baby I think I’d struggle to keep it a secret if we knew.. Good on you! 🙂

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    I’ve been thinking a lot about finding out the sex of my baby too, and I’ve finally decided to find out. I thought the surprise of finding out would get me through the painful birth, but I figure, it’s a surprise either way – it’s a baby! So for my first, I’m going to find out, but maybe for baby #2 I’ll keep it a surprise! It’s nice to find others out there going through the same experience I am – via their blogs! Looking forward to following along on your journey!

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    What a great surprise for your husband! We opted to have #3 be a surprise and I was so glad we did. Good luck with continuing to keep your secret!

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