Meet your Daddy …

I think you will like him because honestly he is the most wonderful man on Earth! Yes, you are right, I am extremely biased but he really does deserve this title and I know you will just love him to bits.

Every morning he brings me coffee in bed and sometimes freshly squeezed orange & pineapple juice, which is my favourite! He loves to rub my belly and sometimes he sings to you too which can get annoying at times I know! but you just can’t help but smile. I imagine you smiling in there when he is singing. His face lights up with a huge smile every time he sees my growing belly, he is just so excited that your on your way finally!

You will find your Dad has many good points going for him, he is incredibly intelligent, realistic, motivated, practical, patient, kind, sensitive and compassionate. With the good comes the bad though … he works way too hard, very frugal, his mobile seems glued to his ear at times, has a beard and he is always late. But i think we can live with those!

A little word of advice, if you ever have a problem in life, go and talk to your Dad trust me … he has all the right answers.

P.S maybe if you could start crying while he is on his mobile for work, that could be good team work


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