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So Baby G already in your short life you have been to India & Bali. I love to travel and I just know we will get to share many travel experiences together, this I am really looking forward too!

Baby G let me tell you about your trip to Incredible India. Your dad and I planned it a long time ago well before we found out we were pregnant with you. It was sort of a belated honeymoon but then we got the wonderful news that you were on your way and we thought oh well we can turn it into an early babymoon instead.

Most people thought I was crazy heading off to India 3 months pregnant but i had been to India on my own the year before and it really was the one of the most amazing things I had ever done in my life. So I wanted to share this with your dad and of course I think I am Supermum.

You got to spend a day at the Taj Mahal @14 weeks!

Our plan was to spend 2 weeks travelling around India. We started in Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Darjeeling and finished in Mumbai. The first 8 days were an absolute dream, we were having the time of our lives & it was such an exciting adventure, but as soon as we left Varanasi we had a terrible car accident and that same night I contracted Giardia and was very very sick 🙁

It all went downhill from this point …

After the accident we made it to Darjeeling which was absolutely stunning up in the mountains, however I never left the hotel room and for the next 6 days I didn’t eat a thing and couldn’t keep anything down. We managed to get to Mumbai, then a flight home, then straight to hospital for me for 3 days on an IV.

This is me on the flight home which I hardly remember!

I lost 7 kilos in 6 days! As your dad said I looked like a 70yr old Indian woman on a hunger strike, it wasn’t pretty at all. You were completely fine though, you took everything you needed from me and was as happy as larry in there.

A few days in hospital on iv antibiotics and a drip and I was back to my normal self too:) Just a little sad that our dream holiday had to end so badly.


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