Take a walk with me …

PHEW! I can still see my feet

I admit I am obsessed with my weight! I wish i was one of those mums who had amazing genetics and didn’t have to give it a second thought but very regrettably I do.

Pregnancy seems to make it oh so much harder to deal with too. While I love my growing baby bump and I think it’s absolutely beautiful, it is terrifying to see those kilos slowly climb on the scales. Last week I got heart palpitations and had to sit down and have a cup of tea (with extra sugar to calm nerves) of course.

So Baby G I had your sisters and brother in my early twenties and having a baby now in my thirties there is one major thing I am finding … weight is slower to put on and faster to lose when your younger. As you get older it seems it goes on super fast and takes forever to lose.

Up until I found out I was pregnant I was running nearly every day, your dad was very impressed. As soon as I got that BFP I stopped running and given my history it was just safer that way. So I am back to walking which is fast turning into a WADDLE. I should be walking every night but lately it has only been a couple of times a week.

AIM: to put on no more than 10kg this pregnancy
PROGRESS: 23 weeks and gained 2.5kg

You need to tell your daddy to kick my butt and make me go for a walk please!

Oh and I have a surprise for you …

We ordered you a super duper deluxe baby jogger! Your daddy and I both want to go jogging with you after your born, what better way to burn those post baby kilos right? So this is your pram, the Baby Jogger City Elite in ruby.

One thing is certain … you are going to cruise around in style Baby G!


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