26 weeks and where do I want to be?

There is only one place I’d rather be this past week …

My Bed
I am spending the last week of my second trimester utterly exhausted. I have about as much energy as one of my cats…
I feel incredibly guilty too for feeling so tired all the time. Brad says it’s fine you have to do whatever it takes to make a healthy baby … deep down inside I know he’s thinking about those Vietnamese women. He has this theory about Vietnamese pregnant women & he will regularly bring them up if I make a pregnancy complaint. He doesn’t understand how western women can complain bitch and moan about being pregnant when the Vietnamese women work 18 hours a day in their rice paddies and give birth under a tree at lunch time then return back to work.
So the last 4 days I have had to take a nap after lunch. In my defence I am awake 4.30-5am. Normally i can make it through the day but lately I’m just not up to scratch. Usually by mid morning I am day dreaming about my bed and by the time I’ve had lunch I am virtually comatose. Maybe 34 is just too damn old to be having a baby.
P.S I think all the pregnant Vietnamese women are hiding out under that tree, sipping on Sangria made with rice wine & dozing in their hammocks all day long!


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    LOL I bet those vietnamese women are freaking exhausted too, but they have the reality that if they arent in the rice paddies working 18hr days then they and their kids will go hungry. I bet they complain to each other in the rice paddies. No way anyone is that super human ;o) And 34 is certainly not too old to have a baby! Its normal to be tired, just run with it. take care of yourself!

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    I’m super tired too…esp was at that time in the week progression. And I’m 28 & pregnant, so I think it’s just a human thing. My midwife recommended 1 thing for the exhaustion: more iron (bc I had a deficiency). ^_^ If that helps you, hoorah!

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    If it makes you feel better, Vietnamese women get to stay in bed for 30 days after the birth with the other women in the family looking after them. My Vietnamese mother-in-law tried to make me do that and went off at me when I got up to make myself some lunch on day 3. Well, no one offered to make me lunch and I had to eat something…

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