27 week update

Dear Baby G welcome to the third trimester! We are on the home stretch now baby …

27 week belly shot
I think this dress is somewhat deceiving as I look and feel a hell of a lot bigger than this!
Food Cravings: carrots, grapes, vegemite on toast, red rock chilli chips
Weight Gain so far: 3.5kg
Energy Levels: non existent
We have 10 weeks to go until I am full term, and this is what your room looks like …
 We need to paint, carpet, & put curtains up!
I’m not stressed yet, it will happen soon and it will look perfect trust me just don’t come early. Your room is right next to ours and your brothers & sisters are all downstairs so hopefully you won’t wake them during the night.
Your Dad & I are in discussions arguing  about buying a bigger family car. Neither of us wants to buy a new car but in reality we cannot squeeze 3 kids + a baby seat in the 2 door Peugeot. This conversation is exhausting really and I am ready to throw the towel in and buy a $2k combi van, paint it yellow with peace & love signs. Your dad would be happy with this option, would give him an excuse to grow his hair long again. If we found one that runs on used cooking oil he would be in 7th heaven. 
P.S Happy Valentine’s Day xxx


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