Cost of extra curriculum activities …

Every day we seem to be getting a bill from one of the schools or for one of the out of school activities that the kids want to do.

I am honestly not complaining because a couple of years ago I could not get my three kiddos interested in anything. No bribe in the world could entice them to a play an instrument or do some sport but now all that has changed, so be careful for what you wish for right? So this is just a tiny money related whinge …

So far we have:


  • Horseriding private lessons $50 a week
  • Netball $170 for season


  • Guitar lessons $25 a week, has own guitar
  • Clarinet lessons, free through school but needs to buy a clarinet this year $250(2nd hand)
  • Hockey $150 season plus uniform
  • Hockey camp in July $300
  • School camp to Canberra approx $400-$500


  • Netball $170 for season
  • Violin lessons $220 a term and needs own violin $300 (2nd hand)
  • Private horseriding lessons $50 a week
  • Dyslexic tutoring $50 per session

I am refusing to total all this up for the year because Brad will divorce me in 2 seconds flat it will hurt my eyes and I won’t be able to dull the pain with a bottle of vino.

I think music is important and I have seen how much it has helped Liam over the last couple of years. He loves his music and is a complete different kid, so I’m thrilled Annaliese wants to do music this year too. The horseriding is something different to get the girls self confidence levels up and eventually they can move into group lessons which will be cheaper.

It does get hard this time of year when it all has to be paid for, I don’t know how most families cope with the financial pressures. Annaliese is now at a private school but it is not too expensive, but how do families survive when all the kids are at private school with all these extra costs?

Oh and how much does their awesome Dad pay in child support per month?? $108! That’s right $108 to feed, clothe & educate 3 children and half the time he does not even pay that. He does think it’s fitting to fill their heads about all the things they ‘need’ to have though which is very nice of him. The last ‘dad’ weekend Liam came home wanting a mobile phone and a ferret for his birthday.

Guess what kiddos you are getting a clarinet and violin for your birthdays this year!

What do I ‘need’?? Well I would love a brand new Audi 4wd to ferry around the kiddos to all these extra activities. Baby G you and I can spend many an hour sitting in luxury waiting for them to finish … pigs might fly maybe i could put some of the $108 towards that car payment!

P.S my shopping trolley this morning consisted of 2 minute noodles, baked beans and i will be dividing the 2 ply toilet paper into separate rolls.


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