How much does a baby cost these days?

Dear Baby G as you know we are not very organised for your upcoming arrival yet. I am pretty sure by this stage in my previous pregnancies i was all organised, ready to go and twiddling my thumbs. Technically i guess there are only 9 weeks to go until i am considered full term 37 weeks. Now I am older & wiser I realise there is no great rush yet and we have plenty of time to get ready.

Babies don’t need a lot , however in the western world we seem to commercialise it like we do with every other major event in our lives. We have purchased a few things for you though, so far we have:

Your room still looks like this:

But all your Grandparents are pitching in to paint, carpet and put up curtains, aren’t you lucky!

I am finding that it really isn’t that much more expensive to have a baby now then it was 10 years ago, some things are even a little cheaper now. I remember buying a baby swing when your sister Gabby was a newborn from Toys R Us 13 years ago and that was around $400, now they are about $180.

So what else do we need for you??

  • clothes
  • wraps
  • wipes, baby bath etc
  • chest of drawers
  • baby swing
  • sling
  • breast pump

Not all these items are essential and most of the bigger stuff i will probably buy second hand off Gumtree. I tease your Dad about being frugal, but the truth being I am probably just as bad as him and I am always looking on Gumtree for bargains. I know i can get the baby swing I want off there for about $70!

We have spent about $1500 so far, that is not so bad! We are very fortunate that are parents are doing the nursery though.

Oh and we need a bigger car still but i won’t add the cost of that onto your expense sheet 🙂 Hippy Brad will freak out!

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