Pathology ladies are the new Obstetricians

Today I went to get my bloods taken to get my iron levels checked. I have had the form for 4 weeks but I have been to tired and could not be stuffed doing it, that itself may suggest my iron levels are low.

I waited 20 mins for my turn, sitting next to an old man who stunk like pee. He was sitting there holding a urine sample and I had to wonder how much he actually got in the cup itself and how much he had spilt on himself. But when he turned to me and smiled and said ‘It’s a great day, if you wake up in the morning love’, I forgave him for his stench.

So it’s my turn, and the pathology lady looks exactly like this …

But 15kg heavier and cheap ass make up.

She stares at my request form for a few minutes and says ‘I’m not sure what they want here’. I look at it and say ‘I’m pretty sure Fe stands for iron, so possibly iron studies?’. She obviously failed her periodic table test in high school.

Her: she starts taking my blood and then says ‘Have you done your sugar test yet darling?’.

Me: ‘No, I’m not doing the test, I have decided to decline it’.

Her: ‘ Why on earth would you do something like that?’.

Me: ‘Because i have no risk factors besides my age and if i start showing signs/symptoms of Gestational Diabetes then of course I will take the test’.

Her: ‘That’s putting your baby at risk, don’t you think? what does your Dr say about that?’

Me: starting to get a little pissed off now, decided not to go into the discussion that I do not have a Dr/OB and I am planning a homebirth. I think if I told her that she would have sedated me and I would have woken up in a psychiatric ward tied to a bed. So I said ‘It’s my decision not to to do the glucose testing’.

Her: a huge snort comes out of her nose, that’s when i know for sure she is indeed ‘The Nanny’ reincarnated. She proceeds to insult me by saying ‘The test is free, I won’t charge you for it if that’s what you are worried about’.

So happy to see that lab techs with zero medical qualifications are giving out antenatal advice these days.

Blood test ends … could not get the hell out of there quick enough before a bitch slapping resulted.


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    thanks Ladies! Know it alls without any qualifications are the worst. It’s not fair we have to put up with their ‘words of wisdom’. I need those extra iron cookies too … i was right my iron levels are in my boots.

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