Oh For Fucks Sake Friday

I am all for ‘Thankful Thursdays’ but I really feel there is a niche for FFS Fridays.

HB is always telling me my glass is half full. Well that’s kind of true but I am very thankful for many things but somethings clearly just piss me off.

So what has given me the shits this week?

I am outside sewing this morning, it’s a lovely day and I though I would finish off one of my half done projects.

That’s a big fat lie right there.

I’m outside because my cleaner is inside cleaning my house. She has not been for 2 weeks and it’s horrid … FFS

Giant wraps for the Happy Buddha – been sitting in my sewing pile for 12 weeks

Cleaner came to inform me that when she was cleaning out my cupboards that there is ‘quite a bit of mouse poo  in there’ and I really need to rewash everything and put it back … FFS

She told me this right after I told her Annaliese was quite unwell and I had no idea how she got sick …FFS

I tried to take an Instagram photo of cleaner cleaning the cupboards but she turned around and let’s just say it was AWKWARD

I made Gabby clean for an hour before the cleaner came which was an apparent form of teenage torture. Speaking of Gabby she went to the royal show this week and came home with the Supre showbag. All I could think was please don’t let my pretty teenage girl turn into a skank. I hate Supre … FFS

Annaliese has a high temp and vomiting for the last 24 hours. I have changed sheets, washed buckets and given lots of cuddles. She is supposed to be going to her Dad’s this weekend but he has informed her that he will make a decision at 4pm today if she is well enough to go. Obviously when the sperm met the egg I was immediately deemed super parent and him the loser parent. Dickhead … FFS

Liam and his cousin Jack caught the bus to the movies for the first time yesterday. They are both 12, old enough & quite responsible. I wrote them out a time plan of what to do, what bus to catch, where to go …

Pretty sure I can see my time plan screwed up on the floor in this pic. My sister commented that pretty soon they will be driving and going to the pub. I’m so not ready to have those worries in my life … FFS

I think for FFS Fridays might be a regular thing from now.

Cheaper than therapy

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  1. Anonymous says

    FFS is my favorite swearing-words! Sorry you had such shitty happenings this week, but I hope that it’s Friday kind of makes up for it.
    Cute pic of your son and friend. I’m still freaked out my youngest bro is 18 and a senior in HS!
    -JustHeather (blogger isn’t allowing me to sign in)

  2. says

    Haaaaaaaaaa Oh FFS I LOVE You♥ I’ll be joining in next Friday.
    I’m on blog post overload right now but gimme a week to work on FFS’s an I’m there!!!
    Ecstatic to have found YOU!

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