Reality Bites

So I arrived home from balmy Bali on Monday night to a bitterly cold Perth.

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Jesus H Christ.

But what an amazing adventure the past month has been!

I spent the last few days in Bali with a girlfriend, and we had a ball. Both our little girls are just 4 days apart, and we lived up our child free days. Shopping, long walks, shopping, tattoos (her not me), shopping, cocktails, beautiful food and sleep ins. Repeat.

But as usual I always get post holiday blues when I return home. So this time around I’ve changed it up a bit. To break up my bad mood I divided being back at home into positives and negatives.


  • A sexy HB picking me up from the airport holding a silly ‘VIP’ sign with my name on it.
  • Being greeted at the door with a million cuddles and kisses from Maggie.
  • My first hot shower in days.
  • Swallowing shower water without panicking.
  • Brushing my teeth with tap water for the first time in a month
  • My first glass of decent wine in a month.
  • Gaining only 200gms in 4 + weeks, when it felt like 5 kgs. 
  • Missing a month of Winter. Booyah!


  • HB picking me up and announcing he had cooked Nasi Goreng for dinner. 
  • After a month of eating rice, rice and more rice, I don’t think I hid my disappointment well. 
  • Freezing fucking cold and going out spending $1200 bucks on a heater.
  • Preparing your own lunch for the first time in a month.
  • Changing a nappy for the first time in days. 
  • Unpacking.
  • Washing.
  • Checking out my credit card statement online with HB looking over my shoulder. 
  • He did not look or sound sexy at all then.

Yeah I know. Suck it up, right?
I’m blessed and thankful. 
I’m back 🙂
Dancing baby, winter, cute, gorgeous, love, daughter
Spending $$$ on a heater isn’t so bad when your
ridiculously cute toddler busts our her new dance moves in store. 
dancing, ballerina, tutu, toddler,
I bought her two tutus in Bali. 
Maggie loves to wear both at the same time with
her gum boots. 

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