Falling To Pieces

FFS Friday

Next to the roundabout which is next to the apartment pool … FFS
Thank goodness snakes don’t bother me … No FFS
I do check the pool for crocs before I get in though .. FFS

So what has been giving me the shits this week?

The simple title of this blog post alone would have sent someone I know in a mad clicking frenzy … FFS

But they can thank their holy jeebus that it is not about them, it never was and it never will be. Who has time for that bullshit?! … No FFS

The title refers to my chiropractor visit yesterday … FFS

It was my first visit to a chiro in over 5 years … FFS

As my mileage increases on the pavement each week so does the level of pain in my hip flexors … FFS

Each run takes a little bit longer to warm up and for the aches and niggles to dissipate … FFS

For the first twenty minutes of my run or so, I must look like I have a carrot sticking up my arse … FFS

The chiro who reminded me very much of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, twisted and pulled every joint in my body muttering words and phrases which could have very well have been Japanese … FFS

Probably not, because my Japanese is still quite good from high school … No FFS

It seems I have sustained a few injuries over the course of my many years which are not helping me run … FFS

He advised me to shorten my runs for the time being which I agreed to do to a certain extent … No FFS

Yeah, right? Like hell I will.

I don’t think he would have understood me if I told him running was my only therapy … FFS

He told me to expect to be stiff and sore for the rest of the day … FFS

As if ?! All you did was poke, prod and tap there wasn’t a crack to be heard … FFS

After he was done with me, Maggie insisted that it was her turn to get a ‘check up’No FFS

He was wonderful with her and it turns out she has a similar hip issue to me … FFS

Maggie is obsessed with doctors lately, every day she needs to see the doctor for a particular malady or three … FFS

I think I can blame Charlie & Lola or Peppa Pig … FFS

I tried to switch it up with some Dora The Explorer this week but for the entire day she refused to be called Maggie, it had to be ‘Snow Princess Maggie’FFS

There is now a new rule in our house, the TV stays off until 5pm … FFS

Sometimes we make it … FFS

When we do, the wine and remote is usually turned on simultaneously … FFS

I set out last night for my usual 10km Thursday evening run and quickly cut it in half … FFS

It felt like I was having hip replacement surgery sans anaesthesia … FFS

Mofo chiro was right.

HB and I were toying with the idea of travelling with Maggie to the Gold Coast in July to run the marathon … No FFS

I think I can count it out now and focus on the Sydney Marathon in September instead … No FFS

Cheaper than mofo therapy.

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I would love to read about other peoples FFS Fridays. Primarily because it will make me feel better about myself. If you are a fellow blogger please grab the FFS button and add your link below and provide me with a weekend’s worth of irreverent entertaining reading.

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