So Long Summer – Fitness Week #9 of 52

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We have had some gorgeous weather in Darwin this week, 
and I can’t believe Summer has left us already.

Sarah Writes …

I have had a pretty fabulous training week.  I have chosen a marathon training schedule I want to follow, and although I won’t be starting that until May. The principle behind it is:

Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: Run
Thursday: Run
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Cross Training

My plan in the meantime is to try and stick to running on these days and taking the set scheduled rest days. I know rest days are an essential part of training and necessary for the body to recover and repair from running, but they are hard to take off. Monday, Maggie and I went for a nice brisk walk to the swings, and I have may have done a few sneaky intervals on the way home. I just can’t help myself! But by the time Friday rolled around I had run 51kms since the previous Saturday and my legs were like concrete blocks, so rest day it was. I did do some foam rolling and an ab workout though.

Saturday morning I was all dressed and prepped to go on my long run when my babysitter cancelled at the last minute. Normally something like this would send my anxiety through the roof because you know ‘I’ve go to stick to my schedule FFS’. But I popped Maggie into BOB, and we went for a 10km run together, with multiple stops for juice and crackers and finished up with a swing at the playground, and laksa from the markets.

I’ve had a tight right hamstring since Thursday, and it’s only painful when I run. Google tells me I have increased my distance and pace too much this week which is pretty much spot on. So although I’m pissed that I missed out on my long run on Saturday, in hindsight it may have been a good thing.

Darwin, Top End, Running, Fitness, family, training, marathon, exercise, weight loss, nutrition, Garmin, Garmin Forerunner 220

I love having a Garmin, even though I swore black and blue that I would never be one of those wanky runners who wore one. It’s fascinating and highly motivating, and I have done some great tempo runs this week because of it. And yeah my hamstring knows all about it too. I’ve managed to get my 5km run time almost back down to my Perth time despite the extreme climate differences.

Monday – 5.5km walk/jog with Maggie and BOB (ab workout)
Tuesday – 5km tempo run + 3.5kms of running/hill training (ok so one hill)
Wednesday -12.5km run
Thursday – 9.5 km recovery run
Friday– Rest Day (foam rolling + ab workout)
Saturday – 10km run with Maggie and BOB.
Sunday – Bike Ride 12kms

HB Writes …

It was a crap week for me. After having a brilliant long run last Sunday, this week may as well not existed on the running front. The realities of being physically captive to my job 12 hours a day Monday to Friday and 10 hours on a Saturday combined with two colleagues being on leave, no ability to exercise at the construction site and being pulled in a thousand directions whilst trying to maintain some semblance of family life took its toll.

Then the Garmin got sent back for repair.

Then my damaged toe nail fell off. Looks gross but feels ok.

Needed a good fun day on Sunday to reset the mojo and I’m afraid to say it involved alcohol, pizza, great weather and bike riding. I call it fun, others may call it cross training. Tonight however the pavement will again be my best friend and some miles will be mine.

The shining idiocy award this week went to me and my push up challenge (PUC). Some how on Saturday I thought I had to do 88 push ups, and I did. On Sunday morning I worked out I had been doing 16 too many each day all week.

Monday – Planned Rest Day and PUC
Tuesday – 6km and PUC
Wednesday –12km and PUC
Thursday – no running 🙁 and PUC
Friday- no running 🙁 and PUC
Saturday – Planned Rest Day and PUC (wow 88…you idiot)
Sunday – Bike Rike and Elbow exercises (the pub) and PUC (reset to 71 ie Day 61 of the year plus 10)

Next report will be from Bali. Sucks to be me!!

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