HB’s 5km First Sub 20 min Race Recap

 Fitness Week #14 of 52

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HB Writes

Competition does something to old men.

It makes us get all Alpha and punch out a big effort in order to let the young bucks know that they aren’t ready to take over yet. Joining the running club has opened up something in my brain that had been lying in a pool of oestrogen. Two weeks in a row I’ve gone for a hit out on the 5km distance. This week’s run was on pure path but on a handicap system so as to spread the runners out. The slower runners started with 35 minutes on the clock and we all waited until told to go based on previous recorded times for the distance.

I left on the 21.30 minute mark with a young buck. He left me for dead, but I figured that based on my PR of 21.11 that I wouldn’t be too embarrassed. After mowing down the group that left on 22 mins and chasing people down one by one, I caught the young buck with 2km to go and pulled a sub four minute final km to end up with a new unofficial PR of 19.52 mins.

At 40.5 years of age I just ran a sub 20 minute 5km for the first time in my life.

Now I check the club website three times a day waiting for the official time to be posted.

Overall not a lot of running this week. The intent was a few fast runs. They take longer to recover from and create a little more stress on the body. At the end of the week, I had a new PR for a 5km, and a fastest training run time for a 14km and for the 21.1 km Half Marathon distance.

Not bad for an old fart.

If you get a chance to join a running club or running group then just do it!

Oh and Mr Injini my toes are in desperate need of my replacement toe socks. Hurry up please before my next foot photo really grosses someone out!!

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