On The Merry Go Round: Our Fitness Week #13 of 52

HB Writes

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Holy Toledo Batman, what happened to the last fortnight?

I’m typing this whilst having a rest day and Watching the Housemoles of Melbooooourrrrrnnneee.  I wish it was Game of Thrones, but if it was, this wouldn’t get typed.

It has been a tough few weeks watching the agony that Sarah has been in with her hips.  Totally unfair that after weeks of setting the challenge for me when it comes to distance and my inner competitive self not wanting to fall behind to see her having to cut back in order to be able to enjoy life.  It’s like what I imagine tapering to be for those people who are following a pre race schedule.

I have to also confess that I started watching Season 3 of The Killing and I’ve found any excuse I can to watch another episode rather than run at night. That problem will be finished by the time you read this.

The limited exercise I have completed this fortnight has included some awesome fun with four great challenges. First was running 30km for the first time since September 2013 which happened after 12 hours at work and having been awake for 15 hours. Second was doing 100 consecutive push ups for the first time in my life in the 2014 Push Up Challenge. Third was running with the Darwin Runners and Walkers Club for the first time ever and pulling a respectable sixth in a 5km trail run. Finally was a 32km run which included running to the most wonderful part of Darwin (Lee Point) and back along the coastal route home with an amazing sunrise.

HB’s Fitness Fortnight:

  • Monday – Push Up Challenge 
  • Tuesday – PUC
  • Wednesday – 10km run and PUC 
  • Thursday – PUC
  • Friday – 31km and PUC
  • Saturday – PUC
  • Sunday – PUC 
  • Monday – 100 Push Ups in the PUC 
  • Tuesday – 9km and PUC
  • Wednesday – Timed 5km run with Running Club and PUC 
  • Thursday – 12km run and PUC
  • Friday – PUC
  • Saturday – PUC
  • Sunday – 32km run and 106 Push Ups in the PUC

Total: 99 kms 

Sarah Writes

I’m struggling with hip pain this fortnight and I’ve had to decrease my runs from 4 to 3 per week. I’ve dropped from my one of 50 km mileage week back to 30-35 kms.

I finally booked myself into my very first sports massage on Monday and the pain was relieved immediately. Unfortunately it returned after a short 5 km run last night but I’ll work through it. The massage therapist insists if you going to do the kind of mileage that we are attempting that we need to be foam rolling every night.

I think I’ve used my foam roller about 5 times since we’ve been in Darwin.

I’m committed to doing this now, my goal is to be able to run injury free and I will be including more core workouts and cycling into my training.

My official marathon training does not start until next month so I will work on rest, recovery and shorter runs in the meantime.

Man does that suck!

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