Moving On

It’s Time

We took a trip to one of our favourite Darwin beaches yesterday.


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Maggie managed to keep her dress on for about two minutes 
so the shoot was abandoned and some fun was had. 

I wanted to attempt to take some family photos with my fancy tripod and the good ol’ self timer. Because I’ve asked the very talented Erin from to paint us a family portrait.

It’s a huge step.

We brought many family photos of us all to Darwin, but it’s just too painful to have them hanging on our walls. It’s a permanent reminder of everything we’ve lost. So they sit in a pile in the corner of our bedroom collecting dust. I can’t being myself to wrap them up and put them into storage because that would be the final goodbye.

Our family of 8 no longer is.

A constant battle of emotions rage inside my head and heart daily. One side welcomes and loves this new life of ours in Darwin and the other side fervently wishes she could just have all her kids living under one roof again.

But it won’t happen.

There are three teenagers of mine more than happy with their new life and finally spending some time with their Dad.

I’m slowly getting to a place where I’m OK with that.

And now I get to live in a place where an endless Summer exists, raise this beautiful girl of ours with the man I love more than words can say.

So we need a new family picture in our cosy apartment. For now it will be of just the three of us and hopefully one day there will be an updated photo of all of us.

One can dream. 

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Yesterday’s photo session didn’t capture the money shot, but it did show me something else.


We are doing an amazing job raising this little girl of ours. 
She gets to live in a place where kids to get to be kids every single day. 
Her confidence allows her to make new friends wherever she goes 
and her spirit shines through as bright as the Darwin sun. 
We must be doing something right.
Sarah x

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