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Darwin Town

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We have almost been here for 8 months now. Time has just flown by, as it does. I had never been to Darwin before we moved up here and was a little anxious about what our future may hold.

To be honest all I could think about was the crocodiles and I still do when walking along the beaches.

Darwin has been a glorious surprise and we hope we are here to stay.

What can you do in Darwin?

I’ve made up some videos with Windows Movie Maker app and thought I would share with you all just what we get up to every week.

Lee Point Beach & Rapid Creek

One of the first places we visited when we first arrived was Lee Point Beach and Rapid Creek. Both are a short drive from our apartment and are incredibly beautiful. We like to head there early on a Sunday morning before it gets too hot and spend an hour or two searching for crabs, shells and just to relax. I still keep one eye open for the crocs at all times.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets & Parap Markets

Most Thursdays evenings we head down to the Mindil Markets to grab a bite to eat, watch the sunset, enjoy the entertainment and then head home with both our stomachs and our hearts full. On Saturday mornings Maggie and me walk down to the Parap markets with my nana shopping cart and pick up pumpkin laksas for dinner, a macaron and fried rice for her, fresh fruit, veggies and flowers.

Litchfield National Park

We spent a few days at Litchfield for New Years Eve in a little cabin. LNP is just an hour’s drive from Darwin and many say it is better than Kakadu. I will have to visit Kakadu first and then make that decision, but it was amazing. Majestic waterfalls everywhere you turned, safe waterholes to swim in and it was simply Mother Nature at her finest. I can’t wait to get back there. 

Sunday Sessions

Sunday is an important day in our household as it is our one and only family day we have together. We like to make the most of it by visiting new spots around Darwin, brunch at our favourite cafe, a run along the beach and it always ends with watching the sunset at the Darwin Ski Club. Darwin sunsets are magical and I don’t think we’ve ever seen one yet that hasn’t taken our breath away. Maggie loves to relax with new friends and the dance the night away to the tunes of a local band. HB and me catch up on our busy week, share a drink or two and watch our beautiful daughter together. 

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of what our new life is like in Darwin. If you’ve never been here, add it to your bucket list and you won’t be disappointed.

These slideshows were a piece of cake to make with the Windows Movie Maker app, even for someone like me who is technologically challenged. 

Microsoft, Windows, Movie Maker 2014
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Windows Movie Maker is completely free and you can download a copy here. 

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