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When was the last time you read a book? 

For me, it was a few months ago I remember it quite clearly because it was the first book I had managed to read cover to cover in almost three years. Before Maggie and my other baby the blog were born I used to read whenever I could. My reading addiction was so insatiable that a book store allowance had to be written into the fortnightly family budget.

When HB was travelling frequently for work I could quite easily polish off a book in a night but then I would have to wait a whole week before I could buy another one. Yes, there is the local library but they never had the new titles I wanted and others had a mile long waiting list.

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books

This book has been sitting on my bedside table for two months, 
I’ve managed to read 18 pages.

But there is one book I’ve read at least 101 times this week …

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books, library, storytime
I now know it verbatim

Maggie has inherited my love for reading and throughout the day she often brings me a book ‘Please read me a story Mummy’. This is also her cue to go to bed at lunchtime and at night, ‘Go and choose a book to read before bed’. Most Tuesdays we head to the library for storytime, I think it’s Maggie’s favourite day of the week and probably mine too. She gets to sing, dance, listen to some new stories, swap her books and before long she’s pulling at my hand to go to the playground next door.

Zero time for me to browse the shelves.

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books, running
If I’m going for a run I never leave the house without my iPod

My plate is full right now with raising a three year old, running, writing and various other activities. I’ve found a way to rediscover my love for books without giving up something else I love. I run 3-4 times a week which one of those is a long run of at least a couple of hours. I used to listen to music on my runs as a way to distract my brain from wanting to run back home the moment I started pounding the pavement. My good friend Amy introduced me to the world of podcasts and I found an even better source of running motivation, inspiration and distraction.

My favourite podcast is Another Mother Runner, there is a new episode published weekly and it runs for about 50 minutes. This is usually my Tuesday run fodder and for the rest of the week I catch up on old episodes. During every AMR podcast, running expert Sarah will announce ‘This podcast was brought to you by‘. She goes on to mention that you can download a free e-book with Audible and trial their services.

I would always forget about it until my next run and then when she mentioned it again during the podcast I would kick myself for not signing up for my free e-book. Well about 6 weeks ago I finally did it and registered with for my free e-book and monthly trial. I was hesitant at first because I’m not good with new technology and I had no idea how I would get this e-book onto my iPod and listen to it on a run.

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books

It was so simple and easy, and it took just a few minutes. You can sign in with an existing account or register for one. Then with just a few clicks you are browsing Audible’s extensive online library and pondering on which book to choose for your free trial.

Once you’ve chosen your book you can import it straight into iTunes or whichever medium you use. Within minutes of downloading the Audible app and depending on the size of the book you’ve chosen, you can have it ready to go on your smartphone, iPod, desktop, reader or tablet.

It is that simple, Audible does all the hard work for you.

A book grabs your hand and takes you on a beautiful journey. There may be tears, laughter and plethora of other emotions to go along with it. They can take you places that you will never get to see, open your eyes to adventures and introduce you to characters who for a short period of time sometimes become your best friends. A good book is hard to say goodbye to, that’s why we read them over and over again.

An Audible e-book will take you on that very same journey.

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books
There are thousands of titles available in a wide range of categories

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books
The book I chose for my free trial was Shantaram. 

I have read this book twice and at around 944 pages it takes quite some time. This is my all time favourite book, it inspired my two trips to India and I couldn’t wait to see what the e-book version was like. I had my iPod all set up with the first few chapters of Shantaram and out the door for a run I went. Well I think most of the people who passed me that day thought I was a lunatic. I was laughing out loud, smiling, grimacing and wiping tears away as I was running, and with that experience memories of India came rushing back. My head was filled with the hustle and bustle of the Indian bazaars, I could smell the burning incense, I could see the ice capped Himalayas and was a little misty eyed when my thoughts wandered back to my very first glimpse of the Taj Mahal.

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books, Taj Mahal, India
It takes your breath away with its beauty

You can make your way through quite a few chapters on a walk or a run.

But I don’t just listen in when I’m running.

Audible, review,, e-book, whyspersync, reading, books, crochet

At home I find myself tuning into Shantaram and listening for an hour whilst Maggie takes a nap. It’s also a wonderful way to get through those cumbersome chores like cleaning, washing and tidying up. I call it multitasking with benefits. If HB goes for a run at night the TV goes off, out comes my crochet and the headphones are plugged in. That’s the beauty of Audible, you can listen anytime and anywhere.

It’s one of my happy places. 

You can sign up for your free 30 Day Trial with here.

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