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 This post has been written as part of my involvement with the Microsoft Connections Program.

One of my favourite Microsoft products is OneDrive

What is OneDrive?

It’s Microsoft version of a cloud storage device. It means you can access your files from anywhere, anytime and on any device. You don’t have to be a Windows user as anyone can download the OneDrive app to their desktop and get started. Yes, even die-hard Mac fans can use OneDrive and will quickly discover that it will work efficiently across its operating system.

Why I love it?

  • Its a safe and secure virtual hard drive that I don’t have to carry around with me.
  • No need to worry about emailing myself files
  • No need to carry around USBs
  • It is best friends with Microsoft Office and makes sharing and collaborating on files a breeze.
  • It is easy to copy and save your existing files to OneDrive

Is OneDrive safe?

Absolutely! Microsoft will save multiple versions of your files across different secure severs. So if there is a genius 14 year old in a basement in Washington that really wants access to your files, he or she has no chance. 
You can also backup your OneDrive files using an external hard drive if you want to be extra safe and a little OCD. 

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I’ve lost hard drives on several occasions since I started using a laptop many years ago. Accidents happen, in my case it was little kids knocking it off a table, a Mac dying during a routine system upgrade and the last disaster was due to a minor red wine spillage. Nothing can describe that initial feeling of panic when you realise all the work you’ve lost because you haven’t backed up your files in months. The panic dissipates into sadness if you’ve also lost precious photos and videos too. Then comes the anger as soon as you’re made aware of just how much it is going to cost to retrieve the lost data. 
In one case it was $2k and that will be the most expensive glass of red I will ever drink in my lifetime.
Lost, stolen or damaged a smartphone? 
Download the OneDrive app to your phone and it will automatically back up your phone’s camera roll to a OneDrive file. In my case this took a little while … 3558 photos. But it does give you peace of mind that they are now automatically backed up online and are safe and secure. 
Storing your files on OneDrive is the solution. 

How much storage can you get on OneDrive?

Microsoft has generously increased its storage plans and they will be rolling out next month:
  • Everyone receives 15GB automatically. 
  • If you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription you will receive 1TB of storage.

Data shows that 3 out of 4 people have less than 15GB stored on their PCs, can you imagine having 1TB to play with?

OneDrive, Microsoft, cloud, storage, Windows, Office 365, 2014, SkyDrive, online security, 1TB
See, this is why they are BFFs

You can read my detailed review on Office 365 here but if you don’t have the new version yet you can get it right now here.
Don’t wish to upgrade to Office 365 but require more storage than 15GB? Easy, you can upgrade to 100GB of storage on OneDrive for just $2/month, this is 5 times cheaper than Dropbox and Box.
Just want to test the waters? Get your own OneDrive account here for free. 

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