7 Things That Could Go Wrong In The Marathon

First Marathon Fears

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1. Technology Failure – I use a small 2GB iPod shuffle and my last one broke down on a run so I suffered on in silence. Except it wasn’t quite in silence, I got to listen to my thundering footsteps for an hour. If this happens on Sunday I will be in a world of pain, I need my podcasts and music to distract my brain from its narcissistic tendencies. I also use an interval timer, I’ve put a long life battery in it but what if that stops working? I just won’t cope.

2. Stomach Issues – I have been taking my Crohn’s meds ( I don’t have Crohn’s Disease) for 12 weeks now and within a week they started working. BUT the only time I have an issue now when I run, is during race conditions. I think it is the combined release of adrenaline and cortisol. Fuck hormones. Petrified.

3. Freak Injury I have had aches, pains and niggles for weeks now and I’ve read all sorts of horror stories how people have broken their pelvis, ankles and feet during their marathon event. Oh and it seems someone always dies of a heart attack at the end also.

4. Running Gear – I have already packed my running outfit and gear that I need for the day. It’s in a carry on bag just in case my suitcase goes missing at the airport, as this has happened to me on several occasions. HB thinks I am insane. I told him if he wants to run naked, go for it.

5. Footwear – I’m not worried about tripping over untied shoelaces, but I’m stressed about my locklaces snapping. This has never happened, but you never know, right?! Can you imagine running 42.2kms without a shoelace? Yes, I have read stories of people having to do this. I’m tempted to carry a spare pair, but again my husband is about to have me committed.

6. Weather – I have completed the toughest part of my marathon training in Darwin’s beautiful dry season. THANK JEEBUS. I’m worried it will be a scorcher of a day in Sydney. In Perth sometimes it was 30C by 8am, Darwin’s temps don’t max out until 3pm, so I’ve been following Sydney weather like a crazy person. Also, I have not witnessed rain for 110 days nor have I had to run in it for about 5 months. Last week I had to run through a sprinkler and almost hit the concrete head first. If it rains, please pray for me and my crazy head.

7. DNF – DID NOT FINISH due to one or more of the above factors or not making the cut off times. Thanks to my marathon training run I know I can run the distance, but if something goes awry I will be devastated to return home without a finishers medal. If I get forced onto the DNF collection bus I will be absolutely mortified.

Because we all know I’m only doing it for one thing, the runners bling.

4 sleeps to go. 

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