Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel Review

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel Review

Disclosure: For our stay, we were hosted by the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel for one night

Some hotels are special. Truly special.

The Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel is one of them.

After a long day dealing with delays, lining up for hours in immigration queues, add another hour of hell in a taxi queue all whilst trying to keep a three-year-old entertained and happy. It was safe to say HB and me were utterly exhausted by the time we arrived at the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel.

As soon as we entered the luxurious lobby the hustle and bustle of the city abandoned us and for the first time in
hours, peace and quiet reigned again. 

Crowne-Changi-Singapore-ReviewThe intricate Batik prints in the reception area are divine. 

We were welcomed warmly by the staff, check-in was a breeze and then we were then escorted up to the third floor. 

Crowne Plaza CHangi Airport ReviewMost definitely: A Room With A View

We stayed in a Club Room and as soon as I entered I breathed an audible sigh of relief and smiled. It was just beautiful. With its rainforest themed decor with hues of soft greens, browns and whites and so much space for the three of us, it was declared a little piece of tropical heaven.

Crowne Plaza CHangi Airport Review

The serenity was cut short when Maggie discovered the bathtub and I’m sure her squeals of delight could be heard back on Bintan Island.  Before I could blink, HB was running her a bubble bath and I was finding the much-needed Barbie dolls that needed to accompany her.

And then it was time to relax and unwind ourselves.

Crowne Plaza CHangi Airport ReviewHello, real coffee and free fast WiFi!!

The Club Room Manager must be psychic because he rang at the precisely the right time to check to see if we needed anything. Yes, please – more milk for coffee and some ice for my bottle of wine.

Crowne Plaza CHangi Airport ReviewI can see Maggie in the bath to my left, the rainforest poolside to my right –perfect.

Our room opened up straight out onto the pool area which you could see from the bed. Who knew a beautiful manmade tropical rainforest oasis could exist metres from one of the busiest airports in the world?! Maggie loved watching the planes take off and even out on the deck the noise was not loud or overbearing. It added to the experience and made it even more exciting. 

Crowne Changi Pool

Back inside our room the flight noise was a distant rumble thanks to some excellent sound proofing. 

I managed to sneak away and slip into my own hot bath and I didn’t mind one bit that someone insisted the Barbies stay in there. We don’t have a bath at home so it always feels that much more indulgent when I get a chance to soak in one.

Maggie managed to squeeze in a few more swims in between another two bubble baths before we got dressed and went across to the Club Room for cocktails and canapes which are served 5.30-7.30pm daily.

We all loved watching the planes take off in the distance

I admit I was nervous about taking Maggie into the Club Lounge at first. She is normally very well-behaved but it was the end of our holidays and she was tired, cranky and basically wanted to stay in the bath.

But we got there.

I relaxed as soon as I saw there were a few other little children in there and she quickly made friends with a little girl from London. We also discovered that she likes to play chess?! I have no idea where she got this from. 

Singapore SlingThe canapes were plentiful and delicious as were our Singapore Slings. 

The Club Lounge looks over the poolside area which allows the gorgeous light to filter through its floor to wall windows.

You can read, work or catch up on the world news or do what I did – sit back relax, sip my wine and watch the planes take off through the windows. 

Singapore Crowne Plaza Changi Club Lounge

Maggie and her newfound friend asked for a glass of warm milk and it wasn’t a problem at all. Soon they were sipping their milk and nibbling on raspberry macarons without a care in the world. 

Singapore Crowne Plaza Changi Club LoungeThe hotel’s unique architecture put on a spectacular show when the sun went down.

We went for a stroll and retired to our room for the night as we had to be up by 6.30am to make it down to breakfast and catch our flight home.

Nothing always goes to plan! When we woke up we discovered our flight time had been changed to 8.55am instead of 9.55am. I was upset because I thought we were going to miss out on our last buffet breakfast in the Azur Restaurant on Level 2.

Singapore Crowne Plaza Changi Club Lounge

The pink sunrise outside was breathtaking and sadness started to creep in when I realised our family holiday was almost over. 

Once we  were dressed and packed the staff collected our bags and HB assured me that we had time to stop for breakfast. I’m so glad we did because it was delicious!

Azur Restaurant Crowne Plaza

We made our way down to reception, check out was fast and I turned to find that our luggage had already been placed on an airport luggage trolley for us. We simply just had to wheel it down through the lobby and within 60 seconds we were in the Singapore Airport. The SkyTrain elevator is another 2 minute walk from the hotel exit and 5 minutes later we were in T3.

Azur Restaurant Crowne PlazaHow convenient is this? Especially if you’re travelling alone with small children. 

I would most definitely stay here again and I wish our time spent there was a little longer. 

For more information about this fabulous hotel, check out their website which includes some hot special offers. 

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