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Moving to penang

Send Wine…

I am in the throes of post-holiday blues and it is not a pleasant sight to witness. 

Just ask my husband.

I want to move to Penang because a delightful old couple at Club Med told us all about the Make Malaysia Your Second Home program and it’s very enticing.

HB is not willing.

I’ve suggested he go FIFO.

HB is not willing.

Seriously, I can get a luxury waterfront 3 bedroom apartment in wait for it … George Town, Penang for around $2000 month.

I can hire an Amah for $5 an hour and she gets to do all the cleaning, ironing, cooking and mothering that to be honest I am quite rubbish at. 

The schooling system is excellent.

Low cost of living. 

And yes there may be large population of runners with regular half marathon events and a marathon at the end of the year.

I’m sold.

HB however remains the crusher of all my dreams.

Which makes me even more determined to do it. 

I’ll show him that I am indeed a strong independent woman.

As long as there is paid help, a tax-free car and a short walk to a large shopping plaza. 

Wait, did I just have an amazing 10-day family holiday in Singapore and Bintan?

And just before that an all expenses 5-star trip to Dubai?!

Spoilt Brat. 

Yes, I beat you to it. 

Reality Bites.

HB is back to working 6 days a week and 12 hours a day. We miss him.

Maggie is pretending she is on Bintan time by staying up until 9pm, but I know she’s just getting her daddy fix.

Either that or she took way too many notes from those French kids at Club Med.

And I think she will cope with FIFO? Idiot.

I’m still sending him emails about Penang apartments and he’ll respond by shooting an email straight back about a marathon event somewhere.


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