Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Want to experience your first white Christmas?

Yes, these cheesy dreams and more are made possible right in the heart of the desert in Dubai.

Ski Dubai can be found at the Mall of Emirates and it’s a faux winter wonderland that will bring out the child in everyone. Your admission fee will get you suited up in warm cozy snow gear, but you will have to buy your own gloves for a small fee. 

The activities available here are endless and I have to say this day was the most fun I’ve had in a very long time! 

dragon ice sculptureCheck out the detail!

Ski Dubai Frozen Wonderland


Ski Dubai has teamed up with Disney and has created a Frozen theme park that the kids will love. Build a snowman, have your photo taken with Olaf, get dressed as  your favourite Frozen character and Let It Go to the Frozen sing along playing in the background.   

Have a snowball fight.

Go tubing or zorbing.

Take the chairlift up and then ZOOM! You’re 16 metres up in the air on the snow bullet …

Watch me ride the snow bullet, you might want to turn the volume down!

Ski Dubai has the World’s first indoor sub-zero zip-line! Ride the Snow Bullet and soar above the ground with skiers and slopes below you and it’s 150 metres long.

So how does this place work?

They use snow guns at night to blow in chemical free snow. Now I’ve never touched or felt real snow but others said it was just like the real thing. 

Oh and it was -2C in there – freezing! Who would have thought?

Tip: Bring some warm layers with you such as a pair of leggings, tights, long sleeve shirt and jumper to wear underneath your snow gear. 

I tried every activity except for the skiing and snowboarding. I took into account my coordination skills and thought it would probably be best for everyone involved if I left that one for a family holiday just in case a hospital admission was necessary. But there are instructors available for ski lessons for both adults and children. 

And after spending two hours in the snow we all got to have our very own penguin encounter. 

Penguin Encounter Ski DubaiThis was little Lucifer – a tad cheeky and mischievous. 

Last but not least I got to kiss and cuddle a King Penguin …

Meeting the Penguins Ski DubaiThis was my second kiss, the first one – he turned around to kiss me back … AHH! 

Ski Dubai Review

Tip: If you want to meet the penguins pre-book the tickets early as they are known to sell out.

The ice-cold temperatures were too much for this adopted Territorian and after 3 hours I was chilled to the bone – so this is what it is like to feel cold?!

We were whisked away to the warmthness of the Kempinski Grand Ski Chalet which overlooks the entire Ski Dubai Resort – you would never have known. 

Kempinski Grand Ski ChaletYes, you can stay here at a mere $16,000 per night.

One Powerball and I will be there for a week. 

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