The Easy Run

The Easy Run

the easy run


I signed up with a new running coach and I received my new training plan a couple of weeks ago. 

Personally I find that hiring a running coach helps me to stay motivated, focused and on track. In other words, if I pay someone good money to give me advice I am more likely to get off the couch and go for a run several times per week. 

Last year I used e-coaching with Jeff Galloway using his well-renowned run walk run training (RWR) method. Without his guidance and advice, there is no way I would have achieved my marathon goal in September 2014. I was reading to pull the pin on the whole idea in July, but he got me through it. 

This year, my main goal is to ditch the run walk run and get back to non-stop running. My main reason for switching to RWR previously was because of an every increasing injury list that grew with each increased long run. 

I’m hoping now that I have some miles in the tank that I can leave the RWR method behind me. 

My first training run was a designated easy run consisting of  2 x 15 minutes of non-stop running. 

I almost gave up right there and then.

My body and mind have been trained to take a short walk break every couple of minutes. When I am running I am waiting for the beep of my interval timer after just a few short minutes so I can walk. There was no way I could just switch back to continuous running. 

And what the hell is an easy run?

Running has NEVER been easy for me. Running is HARD work. Every single run requires an incredible amount of physical effort and exertion.

I mentioned my predicament to HB and all he said was ‘Can you walk for 15 minutes straight?‘.


Well yes, I can and then it was ‘Well you can run for 15 minutes straight, just slow it right down’.

Seriously, how much freaking slower can I get? was my response. 

Still completely unconvinced I decided to give it a go

I woke up last Monday and set off on my easy run

I was running so slow I may as well have been walking but I did it and it was EASY. I completed my 2 x15 minutes easy runs, my heart rate did not soar through the roof as it had been doing and I felt awesome. 

Hello, runner’s high!

Who knew?! One can run at an easy conversational pace, it is actually possible. 

Total lightbulb moment. 

And it was SLOW! Just as slow as when I run with walk breaks. Which proves Galloway’s theory – RWR does not slow you down.  

I am nowhere near achieving the same times as I was last year either which is disappointing as it is a reflection of how much fitness I have lost since the Sydney Marathon.

This past Monday’s easy run was 30 minutes -piece of cake.  

I have to say continuous running is so much more rewarding than RWR so I’m sticking with it. 

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