The Walking Dead

Fridays Decanted
The Walking Dead

Courtesy of HB.

Send wine …

We are The Walking Dead. 

Moving apartments last weekend was utterly exhausting. 

More tiring than moving interstate, because when we did that someone else did all the work for us.

This time we had 2 washing baskets as packing boxes and had to trek 70 metres down the hallway x freaking infinity. 

We worked out that we had trotted out at least 7kms on the Sunday. 

But it’s done now, there is more space and everyone is happy.

Kind of. Sort of. Not really, we’re all bloody tired. 

Gabby has been looking for a full-time job since she arrived in Darwin. 

A couple of weeks seems like an eternity when you’re a teenage jobseeker.

It is an eternity if you’re the mother of said jobseeker. 

Hello taxi!

She wanted work in the hospitality industry to get some experience before she starts her commercial cookery TAFE course in July. 

The kid must have applied for a hundred jobs, handed out cvs in person, attended trials and interviews but with no luck. 

I have to admit this once extremely shy introvert certainly found her voice and her confidence these past few weeks.

Finally after a couple of weeks she got a call to say she had secured a full time in a bakery.


Start time: 4am.

Holy Hell.

The first morning I slept through my alarm, woke in a panic and went in to find her fast asleep with her alarm going off beside her head. 

For the record, we are on Day 5 and she is still yet to wake up to her alarm.

Saint HB has been walking her to work. 

It’s safe to say after a few days of 3.30 am wake up by 5pm each day you could call me Mummy Dearest.

Where is my wine? And where is my bed?

It was like being woken up for those 3am feeds except this one couldn’t go back to bed.

Everyone was shattered.

I turned down a trip to Sydney for an event yesterday because the thought of all that travel for one night was enough to put me to sleep.

Who am I?!

It seems there is not a whole lot of difference between a 3yr old and a 13 yr old at 4pm either. 

Annaliese loves her new school which is a huge relief for her and me. 

But after a full day at school, an afternoon swim and an early dinner she pretty much needs a shower and bed.

I’m not TIRED. 

Let me just say that I am so incredibly proud of Gabby for getting her first job and making it through her first full-time week.

The look on her face and her beautiful smile when she almost ran home to tell me she got the job made me cry. 

This kid has put us through hell and back but at almost 17 she has a done a complete 360 and has just blossomed. 

Some welcomed relief came at the end of this week though when her roster was changed to 6am starts. 

Now that I can handle. 

No more margaritas for breakfast. 

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