5 Tips for Race Day

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5 tips for race day

We have our first race coming up in a couple of weeks time in Perth. HB is running a half marathon and I am set to run the 10km. Planning your outfit and what to bring on race day is all part of the buzz and excitement. Since you’ve invested so much hard work into your training it is essential to be smart and organised on race day so you get to the start line fresh and ready to RUN. 

Remember – Race day is your victory lap!

5 Tips for Race Day


 Race Day Tips

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 1. Clothing – Race day is not the time to wear a new running outfit. My race day outfit is simple – a Skirtsport running skirt with a Lululemon tech top, a Headsweats visor and a pair of sunglasses. Pin your race bib on your top the night before, this is the one thing you actually do need on the day. Always bring a garbage bag with you, they make good seats and can be worn if it starts to rain. I pick up a couple of long sleeve tops for a few dollars in the sales and I simply take my throw away top off and discard it before the race. Volunteers collect these and they’re all donated to charity. I’m a Territorian now and I hate being cold. Most races have bag drops at the start so you can have a fresh change of clothes at the finish line if you wish.  

2. Footwear –  With footwear ideally you should have worn your shoes in for at least a month or two prior to the race. I highly recommend visiting a specialised running store and getting properly fitted for your first pair of running shoes and do the same if you are making a major change in running shoes. What suits my feet may be the wrong type for you. I wear Injinji toe socks, they prevent my toes rubbing together and have stopped blisters in their tracks. We also use Lock Laces instead of regular shoelaces, so there is no wasted anxiety spent on untied laces and the possibility of tripping over. 

3. Nutrition & Hydration – Again you don’t want to try a different gel, bar or drink on the day. Your stomach may tolerate one brand but react to a different flavour in a manner which may cause public embarrassment. Stick to what you know and what you’ve trained with. Remember nutrition is important the days leading up to an event, not on race morning. Waiting until the night before if carb loading is pointless. Think about it – Where is that big lump of food going to go in such a short amount of time? 

4. Know the Route – I thoroughly research the race route. Hills are my enemy so I need to know where they are and when to expect them. I don’t like surprises. I also like to know where the water stops are. If you’re travelling to a race, check out the event website for the course description. Lots of routes are also available on sites such as mapmyrun and Strava. 

5. Have FUN – I like to turn up to a race at least 45 minutes early. It gives me plenty of time to go to the portaloo and find my designated race wave. After the race, grab that precious bling take a photo and enjoy the post race festivities. It’s a great opportunity to meet and chat with other runners. 


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