5 Top Tips to Posing for Photos

5 Top Tips to Posing for Photos

Guest post from Style Expert – Imogen Lamport www.insideoutstyleblog.com

Most of us hate having our photo taken or being in a selfie as we don’t know how to pose for the camera to make ourselves look more attractive.  There are a few tips here to help you create more flattering poses so that the next time you want to take a photo or a camera is pointed in your direction, you’ve got a better chance of liking the result.

5 Top Tips to Posing for Photos

Firstly, most of us just stand hands by our sides, front on to the camera. If you think about moving your arms away from your body and creating space beside your body, you will look narrower.  Also, think about how you are standing – moving your legs closer together or crossing them over will slim you down.

how to take a selfie

Secondly, let’s think about angling your body rather than standing straight onto the camera for a sleeker profile.

how to pose for a photoThirdly, something that many people are not aware of, is that whatever is closest to the camera lens looks larger, so simply angling your hips backwards will make your hips look smaller.  How easy is that!

Put yourself in the photo

Fourthly, the most common problem people have when a camera comes near them is that they automatically pull their chin backwards, towards their neck, creating a double chin.  Instead, do what the models do and lift up your head, stick your chin out, then lower it slightly (as if you are trying to look up and over the next door neighbours fence). This will get rid of double chins!

how to take a great selfieFinally, unless you are one of the few who have a really symmetrical face, looking straight at the camera will make any asymmetry in your features more obvious.  A slight tip of your head will fool the brain into making your features appear more balanced.

So the next time someone approaches you with a camera, remember it’s all about creating gaps and angles for a more flattering photo!

Imogen Lamport writes the style blog www.insideoutstyleblog.com where she shares her tips to help every woman of every shape and age discover their style so they look and feel great.  Imogen’s an internationally certified image professional (personal stylist) and lives in Melbourne with her kids, husband and crazy and adorable whippet.


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