Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Basically, it’s creamy delicious coffee that is full of good fats that will keep you satiated for hours. 

Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) is a brand name but has become the common term for having fat in your coffee. BPC is attributed to a guy called David Apsrey and he’s made a few dollars out of his dietary plans and products but he doesn’t run around complaining about people using his trademark to promote the homemade versions of BPC so we can all be happy. You can go Google him, but his simple idea was putting some grass-fed butter and his version of MCT oil into his morning brew and then not having to eat for the early part of the morning.

The theory is that you use warmed fat to make you feel full.

I’m not going to pretend there are a million other benefits. Caffeine is still caffeine, butter is just awesome and well MCT is refined coconut oil that is incredibly expensive but if you can afford it will mean that the best bits of the coconut oil ie medium chain triglyceride’s (MCT) are all that you are consuming. 

MCT’s are good but for you and me as the average Joe we can live with coconut oil at about 1/10th of the price.

Sarah’s Bulletproof – (we all knew that though, right?). 

what is bulletproof coffee

I love mine with double cream and organic butter, but my stomach doesn’t enjoy it as much as my taste buds. To keep my tummy happy I have to use thickened or pouring cream with butter. I have this for breakfast every single morning with a handful of cashews and it keeps me going until at least 11am. If  I am out and about, I ask for a long black with the cream on the side. 

Facts: 25gms La Casa Del Formaggio double cream and 20gm good quality organic butter equates to 27gms fat and 1 gm carbs. 

HB’s Bulletproof Coffee

HB has tried the butter version but prefers cream and coconut oil. He makes his version of BCP by running two full cups through a Nespresso capsule and stirring in 20gm of double cream and 10gm of Coconut Oil.  If he’s at work and only has coconut oil available (because he forgot to bring his double cream) then 10g of coconut oil is enough as any more can be overpowering.

You still get the same biological response as you would get from BPC – holds off hunger, feeds your body fatty acids for energy and you still get to drink coffee. 

Win. Win. 

Bulletproof Coffee Hints & Tips

If you are highly intolerant to lactose then use your common sense and don’t drink it. If you are like me and can tolerate small amounts of lactose then experiment with butter first as it is only 1% lactose. Try small amounts of thickened pouring cream, whipping cream and double cream. As much as I love the double cream I just can’t use it. Be aware that thickened cream contains carbohydrates in the thickeners and whipping cream contains carbohydrates in the added sugar.

When you go to a café simply ask for a long black or a double espresso with cream on the side. The cream will be some form of pouring cream that will be 35% fat. If you are at a café starting with Mc then chances are the only option is a Vienna coffee which is a is black coffee with whipped cream on top. Not as good as the cream has sugar added. Don’t stress about what else it contains, life is too short not to enjoy your coffee and it so much better for you than low-fat milk.

Finally, if you want to add some other flavours then look at cinnamon, nutmeg and shaved dark chocolate as options.

Fat content table:

If you are interested in the low carb high fat lifestyle then these numbers may excite you:

20g of butter = 16g of fat

20g of clarified butter / ghee = 19g of fat

20g of double cream = 10g of fat

20g of thickened cream = 8g of fat /

20g of whipping cream = 8g of fat / 3g of sugar

20g of coconut oil = 20g of fat / no sugar

20g of MCT = 20g of fat / no sugar

20g of full cream milk = 7g of fat / 5g of sugar

20g of fat free milk = 1g of fat / 5g of sugar


Drink up!

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