The Travelling Glass Bead

Fridays Decanted
Fridays DecantedSend wine …

It has just been the craziest week around here. 

On Tuesday night, Maggie woke up after a few hours sleep and was crying and said ‘I’ve got glass in my nose‘. 

She often wakes up in the middle of a dream and talks nonsense, but she asked for an ice pack and went straight back to sleep. 

An hour later one of the teens smashes a glass in her bedroom. 

It’s 11pm. 

We’ve said no glasses in the rooms because this is the umpteenth time it has happened. 

I have bought them numerous water freakin’ bottles. 

HB is sweeping the floors like a mad man. 

It’s ok, he only has to get up for work in 5 hours time. 

The next morning Maggie comes in giggling … ‘I’ve got glass in my nose’.

Can I have my smoothie now?

Me: What’s wrong with your nose?

Nothing, it just has glass in it. 

OK, then. 

We get to pre-school and the first things she does was inform her teacher she has glass in her nose. 

I touch her nose and wiggle it, she laughs and says ‘ Don’t Mum, there’s glass in there’

I just smiled and said ‘If you had glass in your nose it would be bleeding’. 

I escape and enjoy my 2.5 hours of solitude which was spent at the Post Office and Woolies. 

I pick her up from school and she runs up to me smiling and gives me a huge hug. 

Then she holds out her hand and says, ‘See Mum, I told you I had glass in my nose’

In her hand is a glass bead which she found in Brisbane almost a year ago. 

We let her keep it because she has never been one to put things in her mouth or up her freakin nose. 

Then she showed me how she got it out and snot went flying everywhere.

I’m sure the teachers loved that show and tell performance. 

All I could think was … imagine if she breathed that down into her lungs?!

I had to laugh or I would have cried. 

All glass beads have been removed from the apartment. 

Considering removing all glassware as well. 

Except wine glasses of course. 

Fridays Decanted was formerly known as FFS Friday, but after several years it matured and needed a makeover much like its owner.  

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