Fountain GOOD CHOICE Sauces

Fountain GOOD CHOICE Sauces

This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang and Fountain. 

fountain good choice sauce

My kids are all sauce freaks; I’m quite sure they would happily swim in the stuff if I let them. Make them a meal that even whispers ‘I need sauce’ and they will happily drown that poor chicken nugget.

It doesn’t matter an ounce if that chicken nugget is homemade from organic free range chicken and that you lovingly crumbed it yourself so it is free from grains, dairy and gluten. It NEEDS sauce.

I have to admit I am a bit of a sauce freak too.

Sauces are traditionally high in sugar, contain gluten and have a list of hidden nasties as long as your arm.

Fountain GOOD CHOICE sauces have come to the rescue.

fountain good choice sauces


There are five flavours – tomato, barbeque, sweet chilli, hot chilli and salt reduced soy sauce. The good news is that they are gluten free and contain no added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.

How are the sauces sweetened?

Fountain uses Natvia to sweeten their sauce instead of sugar. Natvia is a sweetener that does not cause an insulin spike nor does it leave an overpowering chemical taste.

fountain sauce no sugar5gms = 1 tsp of sugar

20 mls in not a lot of sauce when you’re a kid. Maggie would have 3 times this amount with her chicken nuggets easily. Now that’s a whole lot of sugar! Current guidelines recommend that the average person should be consuming no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.

Low Carb

So now you know that these sauces are low in sugar you may also realise that they are low carb.

I LOVE this!

As you know we have been following the low carb high-fat lifestyle for three months now and it has meant that we’ve had to cut out some of the foods we love because they are high in sugar.

The sauce is back on the menu.

How do they taste?

There has been no compromise on taste or quality with this new range. Fountain did a very smart bit of marketing and the new GOOD CHOICES range look exactly like their traditional range. I didn’t tell the girls, but I did hold my breath when they first tasted it and I waited for their looks of horror and the ‘Oh no, Mum has tricked us again’ complaints.

No, complaints. They didn’t even notice.

I can relax knowing they are no longer consuming unnecessary quantities of sugar and they get to continue having something they love dearly – Sauce!




  1. Paige T says

    How great that your kids didn’t notice the difference! I can’t wait to give these a whirl next time I’m at the shops.

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