Rockingham 10km Race Recap

10km Race RecapWhen we planned our trip to Perth we knew we had to add in a race somehow and somewhere because Darwin’s running calendar is bleak and sparse.

I am so glad we did because this was the run I needed to have.

When I signed up with my new running coach a couple of months ago I kind of knew that being ready to run a half marathon in Perth was going to be a long stretch so I chose the 10km event. The lazy person stuck inside of me rejoiced.

10km RockinghamRunning with your best friend is awesome even if he always is 10kms in front of you. 

There were a few running events on last weekend in Perth but HB wanted to run a half marathon so we chose Rockingham as it was only a 40 minute drive away and there was shiny runner’s bling at the end. 

My training has been tough, really tough. Running is hard for me, I know it is meant to be hard or everyone would do it but it is extra hard for people like me, the back of the pack runners. Darwin’s weather has been disgusting and it is nothing like the wet season we had the year previously. This has been a constant wave of steamy build ups with little rain or relief. Running in it has been revolting even super speedy HB has suffered through it. 

I also switched running methods from Galloway’s Run Walk Run back to traditional non-stop continuous running and I was mortified that I was not rewarded for my hard work with an improvement in pace. In fact, I got slower. So much slower. 

At the beginning of my new training plan 2 months ago a 9km run took me 1:18:33! My 10km PB was last June 59:59 during the Darwin City 2 Surf. I had so much work to do.

I’ll stop whining soon. 

I ran a 10km in Darwin the week before we left and my time was 1hr 5mins and that was a serious sweaty struggle. 

We did a few training runs last week in Perth before the big day, the temperature was a chilly 17C, the air was crisp and cool and it was almost enjoyable and effortless at times. For me obviously, HB could have flown if he wanted to. 

I began to wonder if I could get close to my 10km PB, but knocking off a whole 5 minutes seemed impossible. Five minutes is a bloody long time when you’re running. 

But I made it my goal anyway! You got to dream big right?

Hoka One One Stinson Lite Review

Not sure which ones I love most!

We stopped off in the city last Tuesday and got fitted for some Hoka Stinson Lites. HB has been wearing Hokas for years, but I refused to buy them online in case they didn’t fit or I didn’t like them. I took them for a 12km spin around the bridges in Perth and they are a dream. Talk about cushioning to the max. 

So yes, we both broke the runner’s rule of conduct and decided to wear new shoes on race day

Early Sunday morning we bundled all in the car with our BFFs and Maggie and headed to Rockingham. It was cold, wet and extremely windy.


When we arrived, I looked around at the small crowd and most people were there for the half marathon, I started to go into panic mode thinking I was doomed to come last in the 10km event because hardly anyone was running it. I was lucky enough to catch up with an old blogging friend who is such a gorgeous soul so there was no more time to panic and stress after that. 

The half marathoners lined up first and I waited another 10 minutes before I could get going. I looked out at the course, it seemed like a perfectly flat run along the beach but I soon discovered it was simply one rolling hill after another and basically you were running up and down a beautifully paved set of sand dunes with a head wind that wanted to blow your socks off. 

Darwin is as flat as a pancake. 

My first km was 5.43 min/km and the next was 5.40min/km. My goal was to keep my pace under 6 min kms for the first half of the race and then if I slowed down because of the hills I would get close to my 1 hour goal. It was so cold and windy too and at one point it just poured down. 

I managed to run sub 6 min kms for the entire race, so proud of myself.

When I crossed the finished line I took my medal and looked down at my Garmin …

sub 60 minute 10km runI was just so thrilled with my time. 

We waited around for HB and CTT to finish their half marathons and Maggie could not have been more excited to see her Dad cross the finish line. 

Half Marathon finisher

Next race: Mother’s Day Classic 8km in May


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