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FFS Friday

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Send wine…

This was supposed to be my Bali Nightmare Part 2, but that’s boring, so yesterday and I have a bunch of other things I need to get off my chest today.

Moving on …

My IBF (Internet Best Friend) joined me on the blog this week and all I can say is Amy is ACENo FFS

Amy has planned out a whole month’s worth of posts … No FFS

And because it’s written out on a plan I feel like I have to stick to it (especially this early in the game)No FFS

This is also why I pay a running coach even though I’m a tortoise. I MUST stick to the TRAINING PLAN … No FFS

Turns out I have been motivated in all other areas of my life because of it. It’s quite peculiar … FFS

I rearranged the lounge early on the week because I was tired of bumping into mismatched furniture and stepping on evil duplo … FFS

I was very pleased with myself and walked into the kitchen to make a coffee and dropped a stainless steel knife on my big toe … FFS

I saw stars! That’s what you get for cleaning … FFS

I decided to go lie down and sulk a little … FFS

A few minutes later I could feel my toes squish about … FFS

I looked down and Jesus H Christ! It’s a scene from Stephen King’s Carrie … WTF?!

I get up and notice that I have left a trail of blood over the entire apartment … FFS

If I disappeared right now it could totally be an enactment of Gone Girl … FFS

I pondered over that thought for a bit and decided I really am far too lazy to do all that prep work … FFS

The knife had hit my toe and left a small tiny puncture mark, it also hit a vein … FFS

Maggie declared the event an ‘absolute emergency disaster and told me to call the ambulance’No FFS

More cleaning. … FFS

I couldn’t run the next morning … FFS

Yesterday, I decided I would organise my spices which involved a trip to Kmart for some spice jars … No FFS

$167 later … FFS

I found spices that were about 7 years old hidden in containers that had not been opened for a very long time … FFS

I have no idea how this rubbish managed to make its way from Perth … FFS

I ended up spending 6 hours sorting out the entire pantry which we apparently cleaned out when we went grain free a couple of months ago … FFS

Another 6 bags of rubbish and clutter gone and finally my pantry looks nice! … No FFS

HB took one look and said; ‘You did all that? No way! Annaliese, did you do it? What is wrong with you?‘ … FFS

His eyes start to glaze over and for a moment I’ve lost him and I know he is now also having flashbacks to Gone Girl … FFS

I need more spice jars, labels and storage so I have a date with Kmart again this morning … FFS

organise your spice rack

No labels and my sharpie pens have all disappeared. Yes, all the post it notes fell off overnight FFS.

Fridays Decanted was formerly known as FFS Friday, but after several years it matured and needed a makeover much like its owner.  

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  1. says

    Hi Sarah
    I bought similar / same jars but from Ikea Im still yet to use them because I haven’t found the right labels haha
    So don’t feel bad 😉
    I hope your toe is healed x

    • Sarah George says

      Thanks lovely x Turns out Darwin doesn’t have a single set of spice jar labels either so I wrote on the jars with a black sharpie 🙂

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