Introducing Amy

introducing Amy 

I have decided to share my little piece of digital space with a very good friend – Amy from Mrs Smyth Made This. I have been thinking of doing this for quite some time now and I believe she will be the breath of fresh air that will send my dust bunnies flying. 


Right now, there are spiderwebs in places you don’t want to know about!

I was chatting to Amy about how I was falling out of love with my blog and she said ‘What would you like to do with your blog?’. I said without hesitation ‘I’d really like to write a blog with someone else who shares similar interests to me’. Little did she know that I actually meant – share the workload because in seconds she replied ‘LET’S DO THIS!‘.  Then we started chatting some more and it seemed so easy for her to move right on over in here. 

I was secretly hoping she would say this. 

Amy has been my IBF (Internet Best Friend) for about 4.5 years now. I think we both found each other first on Twitter when we were both pregnant with Maggie and Millie (That’s an ABC4KIDS TV show right there). Our friendship took off from there and I don’t think a week has past where we haven’t chatted and kept in touch.

If I have a secret to share Amy is the first person I tell after HB, OK sometimes before HB. 

Amy lives in Tasmania (little Antarctica) with her husband and two gorgeous girls – Millie and Pippa. She is everything I am not – patient, understanding, optimist, planner, organiser and Oh My God she even still bakes with grains and sugar. Our geographical and personality polar opposites are what makes us such good friends and I just know that she will shine her light here. 

Last week Maggie was …

darwin sunset


Last week Millie was …

Introducing AmyCRAZY

So you can expect to see more from both of us especially topics that I know nothing about – gratitude, organisation, weekly meal plans, recipes, craft and the like. Amy will be posting regularly from the Facebook and Instagram account as well. 


Welcome Amy xx


  1. dahna says

    Hey amy!!
    Such a small world really. Amy is my friend Sal’s younger sister. We all grew up together in Goulburn NSW. Ive missed ur blogs,now i can enjoy both of u ladies xx

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