Mother’s Day Classic 8km Race Recap

Have I told you how much I love races with bling? 

I think I was a little too eager to enter Darwin’s Mother’s Day Classic because I pulled the #2 bib. 

Mothers Day Classic race recapTry hard.

Darwin only has two races (that I know of) a year with bling and this is one of them so there was no way I was missing out just to get the annual obligatory breaky in bed. 

Pre-race Jitters

It happens every single time and a few days before race day so many nagging thoughts and questions enter my head …

Q: Can I really run 8km?

A: You ran an easy 15km and 10km last week. 

Q: But this race has hills?! 

A: Yes, it does, but I’m sure you will be just fine. 

Q: I don’t think I can even get close to 50 mins or last year’s PB of 47:17.

A: Just do your best

HB was even more obsessed than I was and had to go run the course at all odd times of the night the week before. He knew he was going to place in the Top 5 and thus doesn’t have the added advantage of having 1500 people running ahead of him showing him the way. At one point last week I had to remind him that it was actually going to be Mother’s Day, my special day and he should just shut up and run.

Sucks to be super fast obviously. 

I wouldn’t know. 

Race Day

We got up bright and early and walked the 2.5kms to the start line. It was a cool 22C outside at 6am and before we knew it we were amongst a sea of pink waiting for the start gun. A gorgeous lady starting shouting at me asking for instructions on how to use her new iPod mini. I don’t think she had worn earbuds in a large crowd before. Soon enough, she was all sorted and HB had left my side and snuck up to the front of the line for his key pole position and then BANG!

Mothers Day Classic 2015

Source: The NT News

Here is half of my head (pink git on the left), so flattering and I want what she’s having, please. 

The Darwin hill of death is just a few hundred metres into the race and it wasn’t long before I was muttering ‘I think I can. I think I can’ and was quickly running out of breath. Note to self: Must do more hill sprints. Hundreds of people starting passing me as we ran along the coast. I checked my Garmin and I was running sub 6min/kms so I just kept to the left and tried to enjoy the moment which felt very much like a stampede. 

Mothers Day Classic 8km race recap

This is a blurry me at the bottom of the second hill.

If I had of sped up just a little I would have got a winner of a photo. 

Darwin Mothers Day Classic

Here is me at the top of the hill. Now, why didn’t someone pass me at this point?

I was relieved to pass the 3km point as I’ve noticed in my training these past few months that I would happily quit every single run anytime before the 3km mark. Something switches in my brain after that and I get into the zone. HB passed me at this point with a quick high five which meant he was already 5kms into it and in 5th place. 

I was cruising along and thought I would grab some water after I hit 5kms. I tried to drink whilst running and almost drowned in my own spit and not much water made it down the hatch at all. Thankfully, there was no photographer in sight. 

I ran along the beach path and over the bridge and passed the Ski Club on a bit of a runner’s high. Short lived because there was a slow climb and the last almighty steep hill ahead of me. I had caught up with all the 4km walkers and ‘keep left‘ was not on their jolly minds at all. 

Finally, I made it up the last hill and I honestly thought I was going to vomit. I wanted to walk for a bit but I also wanted to get as close to last year’s PB as I could. I had about 500 metres to go and considered looking at my Garmin to see what my time was and maybe that would spur me on for a downward sprint to the finish line. I looked down and it said 42:00 mins on the dot.

Awesome! And just the adrenalin kick that I needed.

Mothers Day Classic 8km

I sprinted down the hill and towards the finish line. I could see HB waiting for me at the end so I smiled and ran harder. 

Official time: 44.22

Bling: YES

Next Race: City 2 Surf 12km June

When I got back home the best ever Mother’s Day present was waiting for me …

Annaliese and Maggie

Did you run in the Mother’s Day Classic? How did you go?



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