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FFS FridayTim minchin alternative medicineSend wine …

I have my moments with blogging when I want to quit, but here I am 4.5 years later still plugging away … NoFFS

I don’t do it for the money that’s for sure … FFS

Bloggers get sent a menagerie of press releases weekly that highlight new products and services … No FFS

I get great delight in not reading them and sending them to the trash … No FFS

OK, I do read the occasional PR …

I have had literally a dozen press releases from a PR company these past few weeks who write to tell me how wonderful Thredbo is at the moment … FFS

That the snow is falling and the fire is crackling and oh there is Rekorderlig snowside pool party!?! … FFS

Awesome! send me there! I’ve always wanted to learn to ski … No FFS

I’ll dress up like an eskimo, sip cider and attempt to ski down a slope … No FFS

But no free trips are available, so STOP EMAILING ME … FFS

I’d like to reply and describe the current state of my crotch sweat in Darwin and then maybe they will stop … FFS

Yesterday, it was a PR about a new anti-gravity yoga retreat in Bali … FFS

‘Imagine hanging upside down in a fairytale-like bamboo bale, nestled by a sacred river, laughing and letting all of life’s tensions go as you breathe in the jungle air, melting into the emerald-green jungle landscape.’

Seriously ?!

I’ll morph into fucking Tinkerbell if I get to hang from a bamboo bale roof whilst drinking margaritas … FFS

And lately there is also the constant essential oils spam … FFS

Don’t get me wrong! I love essential oils, they smell pretty and are almost as relaxing as a glass of vino, but they DO NOT CURE CANCER … FFS

They don’t cure anything that’s why we have medicine … FFS

A 1000 rose petals crushed by virgins into a single drop of oil is not going to take away your kid’s temperature … FFS

So please fuck off with your latest pyramid scheme … FFS

If that hurts your feelings then please roll around in a vat of peppermint oil … FFS

On the flip side I have  had some pretty amazing opportunities come my way thanks to blogging … No FFS

A trip to Dubai, working with Microsoft and testing out the Cuisine Companion has been pretty freaking awesome … No FFS

I also receive a small part time income by writing the occasional sponsored post and this money goes straight into our travel account … No FFS

I don’t accept every offer because writing about a vaginal plastic device really is not relevant to my niche no matter how much money you offer me … FFS

I just paid for our Europe airfares with the money I have made from blogging … No FFS

I have passed on 3 trips to Sydney this year to attend events because family comes first …. No FFS

Even though the lure of cooler weather, adult company, pretty clothes and some serious shopping time is pretty darn strong … FFS

I am yet to break into the health and fitness PR scene which is so frustrating – HELLO LULULEMON, can you see me??? … FFS

So I’ll keep scanning the occasional PR hoping that one day something cool (besides snow) will jump out at me. 

Fridays Decanted was formerly known as FFS Friday, but after several years it matured and needed a makeover much like its owner.  

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  1. S says

    Money for the travel account is always good!

    I don’t mind sponsored posts in general if they fit in with a blog’s niche. I feel like it’s a way for bloggers to earn some money for the time and effort they put in. But if a sponsored post is completely unrelated to the blog’s normal topics, it does come across as selling out. I read a couple of sponsored posts on the aforementioned plastic vagina devices and the first thoughts that came to mind were “Huh? This is a really odd and out-of-place topic to be reading about on this blog” and “I guess they really needed the money”.

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