Becoming A Minimalist

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Becoming A Minimalist

Over the past few weeks I have been decluttering like a crazy person … FFS

It’s a similar feeling to when you are pregnant and nesting, but just add 10 x more energy and take away the emotion … No FFS

I have filled the boot of our car 5 times with crap we thought we needed, but we really don’t … FFS

I have peace of mind knowing that it will all go to a good cause … No FFS

I don’t have the time or the patience to sell crap online for a few bucks … FFS

Decluttering is so FREEING.

You don’t realise the guilt that is attached to items that you keep for the sake of it … FFS

For example:

The $300+ dresses that I bought and only wore once … FFS

But I still kept them all … FFS

And why am I holding on to 5 ball gowns? … FFS

We have attended one ball in the past 10 years … FFS

If we were to go to a ball, I’m pretty sure I would want a new dress … No FFS

The leather jackets that are grossly out of fashion now … FFS

The unwanted presents from your well-meaning husband who has a heart of gold … No FFS

Eg. All the itchy and uncomfortable Victoria Secret lingerie he bought whilst he was in the US that I’ve never worn … FFS

Happiness is a 3 pack of Kmart lycra undies for me and not a scrap of lace stuck up my butt … No FFS

Yes, all these things cost a lot of money, but the money has been spent already … FFS

You can’t get it back so why have I kept it for all these years? … FFS

let it go animated gif

There’s pretty much nothing left in my closet now … No FFS

Next I tackled my bathroom cupboards … FFS

I have brought home all the hotel toiletries from our travels over the years – Just in caseFFS

I’m quite certain a mascara has expired after 5 years … FFS

I have an obsession with buying GWP – gift with purchase when buying make up … FFS

I get sucked in to the FREE toiletry bag filled with crap I actually never use … FFS

It all went in the bin … FFS

We had a night off from running last week and HB said ‘Do you want to go out for dinner?’No FFS

I excitedly replied ‘LET’S CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET’

He wasn’t exactly thrilled, but the car boot was filled again … No FFS

I caught him smiling at his clothes neatly hung up and folded … No FFS

Add this decluttering mission to my new found love of sparkling water and decaffeinated tea … FFS

I am morphing into an old person … FFS

Sign me up for my pension.

Fridays Decanted was formerly known as FFS Friday, but after several years it matured and needed a makeover much like its owner.  

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  1. Pip says

    I have been attempting this decluttering for a month or more now. I am with you in this and love the feeling. Sounds like you are having more success than me but slowly I am doing it – one good sammys bag at s time.

  2. says

    Love this blog post Sarah! We moved into an apartment 18 months ago and I decluttered a lot of stuff before we moved in (most of the stuff had been in storage at my dads house for years!). You realise just how little ‘things’ you need in day to day life. It has also made me realise now that spending money on experiences and not things is the way I want to live my life.
    Although I have to say I am still always throwing things out, giving things away or putting things on gumtree or ebay if I think its worth it. Once you start you cant stop! It does bring a feeling of being free. I try to live by the rule now that if I buy something new I have to get rid of something else. Also sitting on any purchases for 24 hours before buying really makes you think whether you need something.
    Good on you for donating everything so far, there are people out there that will find good use from all your things. Have a great weekend!

  3. says

    Oh you make me laugh Sarah. When I clear out a client’s wardrobe what they tell me after they have got over the sight of bags of stuff leaving their house and their initial panic, is that they feel free and lighter and they love it.

    I’ve got a constant bag on the go these days to throw stuff into and drop off at the donation bin.

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