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Apologies that there has not been an FFS Friday for some time, but it’s hard to whine your life is pretty ACE … No FFS

I’m a still on a total runner’s high from my Gold Coast Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago … No FFS

My runner’s high pauses briefly when I actually have to go for a run … FFS

Because running is back to being hard work and everything still hurts … FFS

Whilst I was high on life I may have committed to running The North Face 50km next year … FFS

Hello, ultramarathoner. 

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

I was hyped until I downloaded the TNF50 training plan which suggest you start training on December 1st … FFS

And 6 days per week with some days training twice per day … FFS

Wait, What? December?

I like to be in a Sangria and Pimms and lemonade haze for the entire month of December … FFS

Jingle Fucking Bells. 

amy schumer quote

The wet season is also here in all its humid holy hell by December and if you haven’t run by 7am you can forget it … FFS

We are talking 32C and 98% humidity by 8am most days … FFS

Flashback to post Sydney Marathon and I said I would never train for another marathon in Darwin again … FFS


TNF50km is also a beautiful TRAIL run … No FFS

I have never run on trails in my life … FFS

But it’s a challenge and I’m all in – for nowNo FFS

Until it gets a bit tough then I’ll probably quit … FFS 

I went on a semi trail run with the local runners club on Wednesday evening just to test the legs … No FFS

Running on soft sand is a little bit of hard work and this was only 6kms … FFS

funny animated running gif

What I think I look like when I run on sand.

It was only supposed to be 5kms and when I realised there was one more km to run I swore the entire way … FFS



I actually don’t swear a lot out loud, but I yell FFS inside my head about 100 times a day … FFS

There was a taller man in front of me who kept coughing like there was no tomorrow … FFS

I couldn’t pass him because of the skinny trail path … FFS

So bloody irritating – cough, cough, splutter, spit, coughFFS

I cannot stand a spitter … FFS

If I was more humane I should have been concerned for his ill health … FFS

I run in flight/fight mode only. It’s all about me getting to the finish line … FFS

Why did I decide to run without music again? … FFS

I was just half a metre behind him when he finally pulled over to tie his shoe lace … No FFS

Thank Jeebus.

Run fast past the coughing machine. GO GO GONo FFS

My running buddy told me he was actually vomiting into his hands when she ran past … FFS

STOP, did something wet touch me when I was running behind him? 

I thought it was sweat. HB always flings his sweat on me when he runs … FFS

Please be sweat. Please be sweat.

Trail Runners

This is what trail running does to you?

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