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FFS Friday

you are not fat you are just a little husky funny meme

I’m not fat, but this is CUTE. SOURCE

Cheers To Good Health

My weight has been slowly increasing along with my weekly running mileage … FFS

Same thing happened last year when I was marathon training … FFS

You just wanna eat all the things all the time … FFS

Your brain can no longer register the difference between ‘Im so bored’ hungry and ‘I really am hungry’FFS

Yes, it’s only a couple of kilos but when you’re as tall as a midget on growth hormones it’s really quite noticeable … FFS

Unfortunately after you’ve been running for awhile your body pays you back by not burning as many calories as it once did … FFS

So losing the 2 kilos of chocolate, wine, bacon and butter is fucking hard work … FFS

For this reason, I decided I needed to mix up my training a little because it looks a little like this ….





I tried a beginner’s CrossFit class and for a brief moment I almost talked myself into signing up … No FFS

I have an addictive nature and could see the pleasure in the WOD, intense training, lifting and cultish membership … No FFS

Then I remembered – I’m lazy … FFS

Some guy came running into the CrossFit garage with a weighted vest and did a headstand right in front of me … FFS

I wanted to shrink back and disappear into the wall … FFS

I have never was the acrobatic type … FFS

I attempted handstands as a kid and always ended up with a mouthful of grass and double gees … FFS

Although some might call my tipsy drunken dance moves acrobatic … No FFS

I looked around the Crossfit room and imagined what it would be like in the Wet Season with 98% humidity and dozens of hot and sweaty bodies and decided it wasn’t for me … No FFS

The instructor timed us doing sets of air squats and pushups for 2 minutes … FFS

My thoughts switched back to joining a gym. A lovely air-conditioned gym … No FFS

Whilst I searched online, my lovely friend Sue did all the actual running around and looked at them all … No FFS

Meanwhile, I could not lift my arms for 4 days from the 2 minutes of actual CrossFit I completed … FFS

We finally found one we liked and now I have zero excuses for not staying fit during the Wet Season … FFS

I have access to 2 gyms one of which has 24-hour access … No FFS

I’m often awake at 3am with chronic insomnia so I’m just going to get up and go to the gym … No FFS

Who the hell are we kidding here??

Anyway, we had to do a special safety induction at the 24-hour gym which lasted a whole 10 minutes … No FFS

Hard work!!

Afterwards, we had to go drink wine for an hour or two … No FFS

I see this joining a gym plan working out brilliantly … No FFS

So freakin’ glad I paid for an upfront 12-month membership … No FFS

HB was not so happy about that part .. FFS

A few cross words were muttered … FFS

But like he always says ‘You can’t put a price on good health’!

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  1. Anon says

    I enjoying reading ffs Friday / Friday’s decanted. But LOVE the old babg g stuff. It’s been nice going back and seeing that part of the story. I know things have changed and your life has evolved. But loved reading about the kiddies.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    you make me laugh Sarah. I gave up the gym when I took up running as I put on weight when I joined the gym and lost it when I started running. I have a yoga app and also a 7 minute workout one on my iPad which I do in between.

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing – I know exactly what you mean!

    I started my fitness kick in May and now find myself plateauing now…I think I am too creative in my excuses NOT to sign for the gym…But I know it’s coming- no more excuses with a 24hour gym!

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