Why do I procrastinate?

FFS Friday

funny procrastination quote

Why do I procrastinate?

I can’t believe it’s Friday already … FFS

This is the result of having two long weekends in a row and that’s it now until Christmas … FFS

I actually sat down just now to do my online grocery shopping, but after adding a few things to my virtual trolley – milk, eggs, bananas BORING… FFS

Oh wait, I’ll write a blog post instead … No FFS

I’ll just let my creativity flow … No FFS

There are hundreds of drafts waiting to be finished … FFS

Hmmm, I am beginning to notice a pattern here … FFS

Then I notice all the other windows that are still opened on my computer … FFS

I never did finalise our London accommodation earlier today … FFS

Let’s just read a few more hotel reviews first just in case the first 99 weren’t accurate … FFS

And matching carry on luggage would be lovely for the trip but wait you’re supposed to be decluttering … FFS

My mind wanders to running and I ponder the thought of running after the school run tomorrow or in the evening with HB … No FFS

Then I open up a new window because I just remembered I promised to order HB some new running socks and I am almost out body glide … FFS

Incoming – Chaffing?! Holy Hell!

I send HB a text message asking him what he needs in the grocery shopping despite him being just a few metres away in the room next door … FFS

But he’s putting Maggie to sleep and if I walk in there I may have to parent and I am pretty much done for the day … FFS

Wait, what was I doing again?

Hang on, I need to check my email and I have some Facebook notifications to check… FFS

I am a chronic procrastinator

I went to Google and searched for answers ‘Why do I procrastinate?’, but I got a little sidetracked when I saw the other options that popped up… FFS

why do I procrastinate

What The Heck ?!

At the end of the day, I get stuff done and I do work exceptionally well when I know I have a deadline or I’m under pressure … No FFS

This week I have been trying to implement Gretchen Rubin’s rule ‘If it can be done in one minute do it now’ and it seems to be working well … No FFS

Bills are getting paid, washing is getting done and Barbies are being picked up … No FFS

Well, it works when I remember to do it.

Ok, back to the grocery shopping … FFS

Are you a procrastinator too?

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