Rock N Roll Lisbon Half Marathon

rock n roll lisbon half marathon medal

Rock N Roll Lisbon Half Marathon recap  I had heard so many good things about the Rock N Roll running events so when we were deciding whether to run Amsterdam or Lisbon on October 18th I was pretty excited when HB chose Lisbon. I let him decide because he is the one running the full marathon … [Read more...]

Paleo Triple Chocolate Chunk Bread

paleo chocolate bread

Hello! It feels like forever since I wrote a blog post so I thought I would jump on the laptop quickly and share this delicious paleo triple chocolate chunk bread recipe with you.  This time next week HB and I will be in Portugal living it up kid free. Oh, the possibilities?! We've had … [Read more...]

Raw Chocolate Ganache Tart

raw chocolate ganache tart

It was HB's birthday yesterday and this raw chocolate ganache tart was all he asked for.  I completely understand it because it is OUT OF THIS WORLD!  Yup, it's really that good and it's high time I shared it with y'all. I have been making this raw chocolate ganache tart all … [Read more...]

This Is Not Personal

Joy, Move Fuel Love

When I rebranded this blog from Dear Baby G to Move Fuel Love I was ecstatic - I had finally found my niche. I realised that I would lose some of my treasured readers at the expense of this discovery, but I needed to move forward. Someone left a comment just last week on how they miss the old … [Read more...]

Cheers To Good Health

you are not fat you are just a little husky funny meme

FFS Friday Cheers To Good Health My weight has been slowly increasing along with my weekly running mileage ... FFS Same thing happened last year when I was marathon training ... FFS You just wanna eat all the things all the time ... FFS Your brain can no longer register the difference … [Read more...]

How I Made Some Ace New Friends

How to make new friends, running friends, Move Fuel Love

  A few months ago I was a bit over living in this rural town. I desperately explored all avenues on how to escape it and there was only one option - HB to switch to FIFO and we buy a small property elsewhere. That was never going to work out. Maggie and HB have this incredible bond … [Read more...]

Why do I procrastinate?

why do I procrastinate

FFS Friday Why do I procrastinate? I can't believe it's Friday already ... FFS This is the result of having two long weekends in a row and that's it now until Christmas ... FFS I actually sat down just now to do my online grocery shopping, but after adding a few things to my virtual … [Read more...]

Paleo Vanilla Cupcakes

paleo vanilla cupcakes, Move Fuel Love

I love vanilla cupcakes and so do the kids. I made it my mission to come up with a grain free recipe so we could continue to enjoy our love affair with the humble cupcake. These paleo vanilla cupcakes are just delightful.  They are light, airy and full of fluff.   This … [Read more...]