Becoming A Minimalist

becoming a minimalist, Move Fuel Love

FFS Friday Becoming A Minimalist Over the past few weeks I have been decluttering like a crazy person ... FFS It's a similar feeling to when you are pregnant and nesting, but just add 10 x more energy and take away the emotion ... No FFS I have filled the boot of our car 5 times with crap … [Read more...]

My Weekend In Sydney

a weekend in Sydney, Move Fuel Love

Sydney has long been a favourite city of mine to visit. But, why? Elegant, alluring, cultured and vibrant - she is all of these things and so much more.  What to do in Sydney This trip I discovered that you do not need to stay in the heart of the city to experience all the excitement. … [Read more...]

Trail Runners

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FFS Friday   Apologies that there has not been an FFS Friday for some time, but it's hard to whine your life is pretty ACE ... No FFS I'm a still on a total runner's high from my Gold Coast Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago ... No FFS My runner's high pauses briefly when I … [Read more...]

Grain Free Date Loaf

Grain free date loaf

Up until recently baking without gluten and sugar has been the pits. I adore all things coconut, but I just cannot bribe my taste buds to accept coconut flour as an acceptable substitute. The girls have considered disowning me. I knew from the telling looks in their eyes that when I baked my last … [Read more...]

Gold Coast Half Marathon

gold coast half marathon start line

Gold Coast Half Marathon 2015 Race Recap I wasn't nervous or anxious in the lead-up to this race at all and I put it down to being downright relieved that I was just running the half marathon and not the marathon this time around. Wait?! When did a half marathon become 'just a half marathon'? … [Read more...]

City to Surf Recap

darwin city 2 surf

I almost did not make it to the start line thanks to an extraordinary camping trip to Kakadu the weekend before where hours of 4WDing and hiking prompted my lower back to go on a running strike. A few months ago I would have rejoiced at any excuse to miss a few  training runs, but this time … [Read more...]

FFS Friday

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FFS FridaySend wine ... I have my moments with blogging when I want to quit, but here I am 4.5 years later still plugging away ... NoFFS I don't do it for the money that's for sure ... FFS Bloggers get sent a menagerie of press releases weekly that highlight new products and services ... No … [Read more...]

Twice, there was a midwife named Terry.

There's a lady whom I've only met twice. Yet her presence forever changed me, and helped me well along on my journey as a mother. It began in an enormous hospital suite in 2011. I was a brand spanking new mother, post Caesarian in a bed that didn't go up and down easily and a baby who I was … [Read more...]

The Dark Side

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FFS Friday Send wine ... I have crossed over to the dark side of fermenting ... No FFS I figured my body is so in tune with fermented grapes that I really should branch out a little ... No FFS Who would have thought that my midwifery skills would come in handy?!  It turns out there … [Read more...]