5 Reasons Why We Went Grain Free

5 reasons why we went grain free

 This is the first post of our going grain free series.  Becoming a grain-free household is something that both HB and I have discussed for quite some time, years in fact! But it was me who kept putting the decision off. I knew that I was going to be the one to cop majority of the … [Read more...]

Cuisine Companion Butter Chicken

Cuisine Companion Butter Chicken

Cuisine Companion Butter Chicken Recipe This post has been written as part of my involvement with the Tefal Cuisine Companion Club. A few weeks ago the Tefal Cuisine Companion joined our family and now sits proudly on our tiny apartment kitchen bench. I have been using my Thermomix for the … [Read more...]

Rockingham 10km Race Recap

10km Race Recap

When we planned our trip to Perth we knew we had to add in a race somehow and somewhere because Darwin's running calendar is bleak and sparse. I am so glad we did because this was the run I needed to have. When I signed up with my new running coach a couple of months ago I kind of knew that … [Read more...]

Fountain GOOD CHOICE Sauces

Fountain GOOD CHOICE Sauces This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang and Fountain.  My kids are all sauce freaks; I’m quite sure they would happily swim in the stuff if I let them. Make them a meal that even whispers ‘I need sauce’ and they will happily drown that poor chicken … [Read more...]

Mini Mexican Tostadas

mini mexican tostadas

This post is part of a Nuffnang native advertising series. With Easter just around the corner, it always leads to one thing - leftovers. These mini Mexican tostadas are a fantastic way to use up leftover meat, salad and dips. Holy Guacamole! I made my own grain free tortillas ... … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Race Day

5 tips for race day

This post has been written as part of my experience with the Microsoft #WorkWonders program. We have our first race coming up in a couple of weeks time in Perth. HB is running a half marathon and I am set to run the 10km. Planning your outfit and what to bring on race day is all part of the … [Read more...]

Running in Heels


Walk In Her Shoes Challenge 2015 Both HB and I took on this challenge as it's a subject close to our hearts. Between us, we have 4 daughters and we believe that all young girls should have access to food, water, education and healthcare. And this is just the basics that thankfully our kids get to … [Read more...]

The Travelling Glass Bead

Fridays Decanted Send wine ... It has just been the craziest week around here.  On Tuesday night, Maggie woke up after a few hours sleep and was crying and said 'I've got glass in my nose'.  She often wakes up in the middle of a dream and talks nonsense, but she asked for an ice … [Read more...]

Bulletproof Coffee

bulletproof coffee

What is Bulletproof Coffee? Basically, it's creamy delicious coffee that is full of good fats that will keep you satiated for hours.  Bulletproof Coffee (BPC) is a brand name but has become the common term for having fat in your coffee. BPC is attributed to a guy called David Apsrey and … [Read more...]

No Alcohol Beyond This Point

no alcohol beyond this point

Fridays Decanted Send wine ... I'm at a loss and I really don't know where to start this week.  Darwin is particularly hot this March for some reason and the rain is not plentiful like last year.  More ice in my wine is required.  Annaliese started netball this week which … [Read more...]