My last day at work …

Yesterday was my last day at work for my nursing job. I have come to love my Saturday's working there, the pay is great & the ladies I work with are simply the best. I could have kept working  a lot longer obviously but I think it is a bit upsetting to some of the patients to see me … [Read more...]

Pathology ladies are the new Obstetricians

Today I went to get my bloods taken to get my iron levels checked. I have had the form for 4 weeks but I have been to tired and could not be stuffed doing it, that itself may suggest my iron levels are low.I waited 20 mins for my turn, sitting next to an old man who stunk like pee. He was sitting … [Read more...]

How much does a baby cost these days?

Dear Baby G as you know we are not very organised for your upcoming arrival yet. I am pretty sure by this stage in my previous pregnancies i was all organised, ready to go and twiddling my thumbs. Technically i guess there are only 9 weeks to go until i am considered full term 37 weeks. Now I am … [Read more...]

What a week it’s been

What a busy week it's been, I can't believe it's Friday again Baby G!I have to say I am very excited about making it to 28 weeks, I feel like I can breathe a tiny sigh of relief. No ... i definitely don't want you to come into this world for another 10-12 weeks or so but your chances of … [Read more...]

Declining the 28 week Glucose Test

After much consideration I have decided to decline the Glucose Tolerance Test - for now.This test wasn't even offered to me in my previous pregnancies, but obviously times have changed and it is now recommended for all pregnant women to be screened for Gestational Diabetes.What is Gestational … [Read more...]

27 week update

Dear Baby G welcome to the third trimester! We are on the home stretch now baby ...27 week belly shotI think this dress is somewhat deceiving as I look and feel a hell of a lot bigger than this!Food Cravings: carrots, grapes, vegemite on toast, red rock chilli chipsWeight Gain so far: 3.5kgEnergy … [Read more...]

Cost of extra curriculum activities …

Every day we seem to be getting a bill from one of the schools or for one of the out of school activities that the kids want to do.I am honestly not complaining because a couple of years ago I could not get my three kiddos interested in anything. No bribe in the world could entice them to a … [Read more...]

26 weeks and where do I want to be?

There is only one place I'd rather be this past week ...My BedI am spending the last week of my second trimester utterly exhausted. I have about as much energy as one of my cats...I feel incredibly guilty too for feeling so tired all the time. Brad says it's fine you have to do whatever it takes to … [Read more...]