I’m Pregnant

So I took a pregnancy test today. Yes, I am 26 weeks pregnant and Yes, I am insane but I have my reasons...After 18 months of trying to conceive (ttc) Baby G, I guess I still don't quite believe it's true ... we are having a baby. I don't know why I took the silly test, I mean if my growing … [Read more...]

Back to School (Success?)

Dear Baby G your siblings went back to school today ...Three school bags were packedWith enough money spent on stationery & books to ensure that there will never be another GFC ever again.Three lunches were packed Our kiddos only eat healthy food who are you kidding?.Three kids @ three … [Read more...]

Tomorrow, I don’t want to cry!

Tomorrow I send my kiddos off to school with a heavy heart. I have never been this emotional about the first day back to school ... ever. I was never one of those mums who burst into tears at the first day of school but tomorrow if Annaliese even sheds one tear I am going to start bawling my … [Read more...]

Addicted to MCNs …

My Name is Sarah and I am addicted to MCNs (modern cloth nappies).To be honest I had never ever heard of these until my sister mentioned them to me a few months ago. MCNs are the ultra modern version of the old white cloth terry towelling squares. My first thought of MCNs was 'no freakin way!!' but … [Read more...]

Win a $25 gift voucher for Eco Child …

Dear Baby G is excited to announce we are having our very first giveaway thanks to our lovely friends @ www.ecochild.com.au Eco Child have an exquisite range of natural and organic products for mother, baby and child. They stock an extensive product range from maternity wear to to nursery wear to … [Read more...]

Doomsday is here …

According to the experts Doomsday is predicted to be 2st December 2012.I think they have it all wrong, i think it could be today ...Baby G I think the end is nigh but I hope for your precious little sake and ours it isn't. It is a disgustingly hot sticky humid day here in Perth and currently … [Read more...]

Baby G this is your change table …

Ikea bookshelf with change tableAnd of course there is a funny as hell story behind it ...I found this in the online Ikea catalogue and thought it was pretty funky practical. You can take the change mat off when you have finished with it and it converts to a regular bookshelf, since your … [Read more...]

You’re having a WHAT?! a HOME BIRTH?!

When I first discovered I was pregnant there really was no other option or choice, we wanted a home birth, pure and simple. Your dad, believe it or not has more hippy blood in him than me! There was never that question from me to him ... 'What do you think about us having a home birth?' it was … [Read more...]