My Weekend In Sydney

a weekend in Sydney, Move Fuel Love

Sydney has long been a favourite city of mine to visit. But, why? Elegant, alluring, cultured and vibrant - she is all of these things and so much more.  What to do in Sydney This trip I discovered that you do not need to stay in the heart of the city to experience all the excitement. … [Read more...]

Destination Dubai

Pinch MeThis Bloggerati getaway is proudly sponsored by Dubai Tourism.I have some exciting news to share. I have been offered the opportunity of an all expenses paid luxurious trip to visit Dubai thanks to Dubai Tourism and the ever awesome team at Nuffnang.How long did I take to consider this … [Read more...]

The Next Chapter

I have been blogging now for three and a half years which is not a long time in this industry of words but I have stuck with it which is surprising to many, especially myself. You see I tend to get bored quickly, I start a project and lose interest or it quickly goes into the 'too hard' basket. I am … [Read more...]