This Is Not Personal

Joy, Move Fuel Love

When I rebranded this blog from Dear Baby G to Move Fuel Love I was ecstatic - I had finally found my niche. I realised that I would lose some of my treasured readers at the expense of this discovery, but I needed to move forward. Someone left a comment just last week on how they miss the old … [Read more...]

Raising An Only Child

This Wasn't The Life I Asked For, But It's Mine. I was a super busy mum of four children and then I wasn't, it was that fast.Brutally fast. These days I am raising an only child in 2-bedroom apartment 2500+ kilometres North from a place I used to call home. A place I will likely never call … [Read more...]

Our Queensland Getaway

It has been a tough couple of months here with my ongoing health issues and recent surgery. We are still waiting patiently for my biopsy results to come back but I have a feeling there will be no nasty surprises there. It is however always lurking in the back of your mind and it's hard to relax … [Read more...]

What, No Run?

HB Writes Last Wednesday I ran in a 3 - 6 - 9 km race. You had the choice to drop out at the 3km, 6km or 9km. I was in 7th place at the 3km mark, 7th  place on the 6km when the three guys I was pacing off dropped out and I couldn't see the leaders.  Anyway as it turned out there was … [Read more...]

Life In The Top End

Darwin TownThis post has been written as part of my involvement with the Microsoft Connections Program.We have almost been here for 8 months now. Time has just flown by, as it does. I had never been to Darwin before we moved up here and was a little anxious about what our future may hold.To be … [Read more...]

Ocean To Plate

How To Cook Live Giant MudcrabsThis post has been written as part of my involvement with the Microsoft Connections Program.I was secretly excited when I was pregnant with Maggie and had a yearning to no longer be a vegetarian.Bacon and Seafood. Two things I had missed dearly. I have fond … [Read more...]

Moving On

It's TimeWe took a trip to one of our favourite Darwin beaches yesterday. Maggie managed to keep her dress on for about two minutes so the shoot was abandoned and some fun was had. I wanted to attempt to take some family photos with my fancy tripod and the good ol' self timer. Because … [Read more...]

Falling To Pieces

FFS Friday'JUST PYTHONS'Next to the roundabout which is next to the apartment pool ... FFSThank goodness snakes don't bother me ... No FFSI do check the pool for crocs before I get in though .. FFSSo what has been giving me the shits this week?The simple title of this blog post alone would have sent … [Read more...]