Get Up and Go

I am a homebody now more than I ever was.Give me a choice of a day out and about or a quiet day pottering around at home and I will surely choose the latter.But I have learned this past month or so is that this doesn't sit well with an almost two year old. Especially an extroverted toddler who loves … [Read more...]

GTFTS Maggie

I haven't been myself these past few weeks. Disillusioned with life one might say. It certainly doesn't help when your husband chops off a digit and simultaneously your toddler decides sleep day or night is no longer necessary.I tell her this every day... Sleep is good for you, if you don't … [Read more...]

Easy Street

We have just finished 'Week 3' of back to school and it's only just now that I feel I can finally start to relax and breathe again. It's a gut wrenching time when your heart, head and hands are constantly being pulled in a dozen directions.The first week of school little Maggie stood at the baby … [Read more...]

Our Christmas

Christmas 2012We decided to escape Christmas this year and we took a road trip down south.4 kids + Sol the chihuahua.I think I was the happiest with this decision. No days on end of cooking and cleaning up after the masses. Winning!We kept up the family traditions.New pj's hidden under … [Read more...]