The Travelling Glass Bead

Fridays Decanted Send wine ... It has just been the craziest week around here.  On Tuesday night, Maggie woke up after a few hours sleep and was crying and said 'I've got glass in my nose'.  She often wakes up in the middle of a dream and talks nonsense, but she asked for an ice … [Read more...]

No Alcohol Beyond This Point

no alcohol beyond this point

Fridays Decanted Send wine ... I'm at a loss and I really don't know where to start this week.  Darwin is particularly hot this March for some reason and the rain is not plentiful like last year.  More ice in my wine is required.  Annaliese started netball this week which … [Read more...]

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Fridays Decanted Send wine … We are The Walking Dead.  Moving apartments last weekend was utterly exhausting.  More tiring than moving interstate, because when we did that someone else did all the work for us. This time we had 2 washing baskets as packing boxes and had to trek … [Read more...]

Where Is Your Energy?

Where Is Your Energy?

Fridays Decanted I’ve ordered two of these Send wine … We’ve had a super busy week here and we’re rapidly adjusting to having teenagers back in the house. I had completely forgotten that if I leave any of makeup or cosmetics out on my bathroom cabinet they disappear into thin … [Read more...]

Living With A Threenager

living with a threenager

Fridays Decanted   Send Wine …  After the guilt set in regarding not using the brand new home gym, I decided to to do a total upper body workout last Friday. In hindsight, this wasn’t the brightest idea to do the day before your first skydive. Everything hurt.  When I … [Read more...]

Self Medication

funny wine quote

Fridays Decanted   Send Wine … I have newfound energy that I have never had in my life before thanks to our new lifestyle change.  It turns out when you don’t fill your body with carbs it rewards you with endless energy and hence I know what the term ‘carb fog’ means.  On … [Read more...]

Tightening Our Belts

passive aggressive ecard

Fridays Decanted Send Wine … HB told me that we need to tighten our belts this month which in other words means – don’t spend a cent.  He also asked me to call our bank to change the terms on our mortgage.  This is for our two storey house in Perth which is a renovator’s delight … [Read more...]

Moving To Penang

Moving to penang

FFS Friday Send Wine… I am in the throes of post-holiday blues and it is not a pleasant sight to witness.  Just ask my husband. I want to move to Penang because a delightful old couple at Club Med told us all about the Make Malaysia Your Second Home program and it’s very … [Read more...]

These Are My People

FFS FridayI have a guest poster for today's FFS Friday. CTT, some of you may know of him already (apologies) but if you don't he introduces himself further down.This was his last FFS attempt.The idea for this post came about when we were in Bali a couple of weeks ago. The conversation went a little … [Read more...]

Mango Madness

FFS FridaySo what has been giving me the shits this week?I'm in a bit of a post marathon slump el-depresso this week ... FFSI can blame it on a few things.But it's not just me, everywhere I look most people are flat and down and they call it Mango Madness up here in The Territory ... FFSThe crazy … [Read more...]